Dream Gardens

basement window
This is the time of year when I long to grow seedlings in my basement window. I never act on this yearning, but the longing remains. I dream of growing a vegetable garden and becoming self sufficient on a whole new level. I wish to change a small corner of my yard from a hard barren weed patch into a garden of plenty.

I watch with more than a little jealousy as my neighbors and friends invest time into this effort, while I sit by reading The Secret Garden…dreaming. But it doesn’t matter how long I dream, if I don’t actually sink my hands into the dark chocolate soil and plant a seed, I will never have the satisfaction of eating the fruit of my labor.

It kind of makes me wonder…what other dreams do I have which I lament over but do nothing to bring them forth? Desires that I long for but do nothing to make them happen?….maybe the dream of being Executive Director who still finds time to blog, or the dream of a working woman who completes the novel she’s been working on for four years..or is it five?

I am praying that God gives me the energy to put feet to my dreams. That I wouldn’t fear getting dirty while planting seeds of the future. That I would have the strength of character to say no to the everyday weeds I choose to embrace over the sweat of diligence.

Let this post be the window to your garden. Do you like what you see? If not, do what is difficult now in order to create what is beautiful later. Lets do it together! You won’t be sorry…

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