When Glory Came


Surprised, frightened, nothing to give but pure adoration, the shepherds stare in wonder.

Why would they be invited here and now?

Simple shepherds…included in the best surprise birthday party….ever.

No one but Angels and shepherds, a humming cow, oohing and mooing

All invited to the birth of a King, the Son of God.

They weren’t searching for deep wisdom, only a savior from oppression,

Quietly, calmly, minding their own business, tending their sheep

When Glory came down on a blue velvet night.


Waiting…calculating…the kings poured over books.

What did this bright star proclaim to the world?

Men of means…and wisdom seeking to honor a child. An infant.

Riding, rolling on the back of a camel, for one thousand miles.

Just to catch a glimpse of a planet altering arrival. God on Earth.

The stars couldn’t help but sing. Light broke through darkness.

History was being made, and these wiseman, astrologers, magi…they knew it.

When Glory came down on a blue velvet night.


Pacing….hands wringing…Herod had heard enough!

Murmurings of an insurrection…an overthrowing of power.

Someone to deliver the Jews. Whisperings of prophets and foreseers.

And what about those foreigners? The ones following signs in the sky?

Traveling from the other side of the world to pay this “king” homage?

Not to see him, Herod, king of this land.

He must rid himself of this opposition, no one would bring his

glory down on this blue velvet night.


Heart pounding, hands sweating, do I approach as simply shepherds?

Looking for a savior, deliverer, mighty to save?

Do I pour over books, desperately searching for meaning, following yonder star?

Prepared with gift in hand, relinquishing my right to rule to an authority higher than I?

The one who asks me to bow not in golden hall, but in an animal odorous cave,

Who lays as Perfection embodied, nestled in straw, not feather ticking.

Or, like Herod, do I resist too proud to experience deliverance and surrender?

When Glory comes down on a blue velvet night,

am I shepherd, or wiseman or king?

5 thoughts on “When Glory Came

  1. Kimberly, Thank you. This is amazing. Just beautiful It was just what I needed to read right now, sweet words from Him pouring down. I am excited to share your words with friends today. Bless you.

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