Dream Gardens

basement window
This is the time of year when I long to grow seedlings in my basement window. I never act on this yearning, but the longing remains. I dream of growing a vegetable garden and becoming self sufficient on a whole new level. I wish to change a small corner of my yard from a hard barren weed patch into a garden of plenty.

I watch with more than a little jealousy as my neighbors and friends invest time into this effort, while I sit by reading The Secret Garden…dreaming. But it doesn’t matter how long I dream, if I don’t actually sink my hands into the dark chocolate soil and plant a seed, I will never have the satisfaction of eating the fruit of my labor.

It kind of makes me wonder…what other dreams do I have which I lament over but do nothing to bring them forth? Desires that I long for but do nothing to make them happen?….maybe the dream of being Executive Director who still finds time to blog, or the dream of a working woman who completes the novel she’s been working on for four years..or is it five?

I am praying that God gives me the energy to put feet to my dreams. That I wouldn’t fear getting dirty while planting seeds of the future. That I would have the strength of character to say no to the everyday weeds I choose to embrace over the sweat of diligence.

Let this post be the window to your garden. Do you like what you see? If not, do what is difficult now in order to create what is beautiful later. Lets do it together! You won’t be sorry…

Happy Lacy Day! – Favorite Made-up Holiday – Friday Favorites

photo by tomhe

A few weeks ago, I guest posted over at Renee’s about one of my favorite high school teachers, Mr. Reichert. I could not let today pass without mentioning him again. He instituted a holiday that will forever live in my family tradition: Lacy Day. Lacy Day is usually about the first week in May but this year is a little early due to the unusually warm weather the Midwest has experienced this year. What is Lacy Day, you ask? Lacy Day is the glorious day on which the leaves of the trees are barely unfolding, appearing as lace against the bright blue sky. I wish I could have taken a picture capturing this beautiful phenomenon, but alas, my phone isn’t working today…so in honor of you Mr. Reichert, I’ll just write a thought or two:

On Lacy Day

Leaves peak from corners of death
peering cautiously, tenderly

and I wonder do I dare reveal myself
this way to You?

Shoots spear through black soil
breaking darkness by sparkling sun

and I wonder do I allow Your light
to expose my black heart?

And I laugh.
What could I possibly reveal to You that You don’t already know?
What could Your light expose that You don’t already see?

And the lacy canopy of budding leaves covers my heart
as Your banner over me is Love.

Spring Green

I did a little research trying to find out whatever happened to Mr. Reichert, and to no avail. Except that I did find this: a comment on another blog. I thought it significant that someone else should remember such a quirky life lesson from this wonderful educator!

Do you have a holiday that you’ve made up?  Or how about a teacher that affected your life?  I’d love to hear about it!

Timeless Time

Dandelion Clock by Karen  Casey-Smith (KarenCaseySmith) on 500px.com
Dandelion Clock by Karen Casey-Smith

I dread the moment which must be,
that moment when I dare to leave

the blessed spot I pen these lines
where perfection’s spell has come to find.

For breezes rumple hair and chimes
lifting laundry fragrance sublime.

And vacationing birds serenade in song
on their way home where they belong.

And just as quickly as it comes
the melody of timeless time is gone.

Celebrating timeless moments with Ann:

202. Days of perfection.

203. Have I mentioned the sound of frogs in the forest?

204. Foreign birds visiting my neighborhood on their way south.

205. Sleepy shadows stretch lazily on my front porch.

206. Summer seating pulled out of hibernation!

207. Swampy fields teem with life.

208. Phone photos turning out like Monet masterpieces.

209. Fixed grills and summer firsts.

…sharing a playdate with Laura:

….finding heaven with Jen:

…hanging out with L.L.: On In Around button

…sharing with Shandra:

New Beginnings – Painting Prose

Soft breezes play music with the neighbor’s wind chimes. And I am in awe; surprised at how winter’s oppression can be heavy one day and amazed at the hope that comes with even one spring day. It wipes dismay away like a windshield wiper on a misty morning.

I am almost giddy with the newness of everything. I notice it in the voices on the other end of the telephone…the sound of smiles so big that they hurt cheeks.

And I ask myself, “Why do I let this joy slip away? This joy unspeakable and full of glory?” The very One who reminds me of New Life in green grass, robin eggs, and baby bunnies is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He remains constant in a world that changes so quickly that my newest gadget is obsolete before my milk goes sour.

He is there in the dead silence of winter. He is there in the blaze of fall. And yet it is spring that makes me want to twirl in a new summer dress like I did when I was a five year old girl, patent leather shoes and all. It’s just so easy to see Him right about now.

He peels back the green on the budding flowers. He unfolds leaves with careful attention. He shows us that there is life after death, if we just trust Him through the winter.

Where do you see Him, in the beauty of spring?

If this is your first time here, let me explain what we are all about. We are a community started by Emily Wierenga. It was called Imperfect Prose. She is on a bit of a vacation as she has some extra responsibilities at the moment.

If you are new, please check out Emily’s blog. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you need to be acquainted with the woman who made all of this happen!


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All Seasons Have Their Glory (via To tell you the truth)

As some of you may be experiencing the winter of lent, the distance of the desert and the wandering of the wilderness, meditate on the end of the matter. Just as the snowdrops and crocus peek their heads out of hard cold soil, our spirits begin to emerge from the lenten season, fresh and new with resurrection life. A new epiphany of Who He is and Whose you are.
This post is from the blog of a dear friend of mine. Enjoy her lovely words as well as her lovely pictures. By the way, I’m the snow angel….;)

All Seasons Have Their Glory I am late… to give homage to the passing of Winter 2011.  It’s okay.  I was in denial in December that it was actually Winter.  I call it my “Delusional December”.   But these images are no illusion or delusion.  They are moments of glory during this latest season of dormancy.  Some moments of the glorious you can actually capture…   Most, you must accept by faith that they actually occurred, as there is no proof except the mark left on your … Read More

via To tell you the truth