Frost Dawn – A Community Thanksgiving Poem

Welcome!!! Here is the poetry prompt for our first day creating our community Thanksgiving Poem!! I’m excited to see what we come up with!! Leave a line of poetry in the comment section and I’ll put it all together for you tomorrow morning along with another prompt!!

Margus Saluste

Moon sliver slices sky silver and star dust settles on shoulders and hair


Having fun at Emily’s!


12 thoughts on “Frost Dawn – A Community Thanksgiving Poem

  1. These shades of brown and deep gray seat so deeply into my heart ā€“ the branches empty and wanting ā€“ o be still my heart and listen for His whisper of hope and new life

  2. The cold that aches my fingers, reminding me I don’t have to sleep on a street;
    The drizzle stinging my face, reminding me my home is safe and dry;
    The dreary grey skies, reminding me my family is safe and happy;
    And all these, reminding me of His love for all less fortunate than I.
    We are all poor, and we are all rich – it is the search that determines which.

  3. Wow – Kim. Good luck with this amazing mix of ideas/words/lines.

    stardust reminding me I am dust,
    slithering down, down,
    deep into the Spirit breath
    that holds it all together

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