Kim – the 44.0 version

I am forty-four today.
…and I’m am amazed at how different I am
than the younger model of me.

The younger, thinner, prettier version
was much more about herself
and how she looked to the spectators in her own personal arena.

She was the center of her universe
and when things didn’t go as she expected
hope slipped through her fingers like sand on a sun soaked beach.

She wanted so much to be like anyone other than herself.
If she could only look like this person,
cook like that one, or write like a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Sometimes I panic at the lack of
goals accomplished on my ‘bucket list’…
and I truly tremble at the thought of being in His presence for lack of a “Well, done.”

But model number forty-four is comfortable being Kim.
This day in my age has found personal purpose
and is done longing for who I am not.

I prefer handmade cards from small children,
rather than expensive trinkets from handsome men…
because value isn’t measured in dollars.

My value is much better measured
by my service and significance to others;
and in knowing that my forty-four years on this blue marble-of-a-planet

17 thoughts on “Kim – the 44.0 version

  1. Thank you for your inspirational message. Needed that today…Sending birthday huggs to you my friend for a wonderful birthday and a most blessed year..

  2. Have a blessed and happy birthday…I must say…in most ways I have loved growing older…there is a freedom that can come when we are walking with Jesus…I might not be a fit…have the energy…but there is a settleness that comes when we are growing older in christ…My prayer…to be gray and gracious…I laugh..because for someone my age(who doesn’t color their hair)…I am not very gray…could that mean I am not very gracious yet:)…I tell my husband…if you come home and I am really gray…you will know God showed up:)
    Celebrate the gift you are….many birthday blessings to you…

  3. Happy Birthday Kim! What a blessing to read your poem and hear the peace and joy in your voice with who God has graced you to become…may you have a most blessed day 🙂

  4. sorry i missed this yesterday! happy birthday a day late, friend 🙂
    this so resonated. i’m getting there, right along with you. the forties are turning out to be quite liberating, and i feel it getting better every year.
    have a great weekend!

  5. ☆.•*¨*•.•*¨`*•.¸.•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.☆ Happy Birthday ☆.•*¨*•.•*¨`*•.¸.•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.☆

    and at 44 you’re still a baby – and in the eyes of eternity just the smallest little seed that has so much growth and blossoming left in it – I heart the cards from kids too – the hand-drawn kind – and I guess when it comes down to it – we should all have pretty much just one thing on our bucket list – no? God bless you Kimberly – and happy birthday!

  6. I’ve been digging 44 since November. I like the double digits.


    I tell people I’m 49.


    I look really good for 49. 😉

    Wishing you only the best things in 2012. Health, happiness, joy.

    Keep doing the right things.

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