Dissatisfied With Heaven’s Bread

Aspire | The Wave by Brandon Ku (bkuPhotography) on 500px.com
Aspire | The Wave by Brandon Ku

Sometimes we despise God’s provision.
“There is nothing to eat here and nothing to drink. And we hate this horrible manna!” (Numbers 22 NLT)
Isn’t manna something to eat?
How we exaggerate when we are determined to be dissatisfied.

Our flesh cries out, “I’m tired of this food! It’s the same every day!
God your provision just. isn’t. good. enough.
If you loved me, you’d provide a seven course meal, with plenty of variety.
This bread from Heaven isn’t measuring up.”

and we say, “I’m not satisfied any more.
Couldn’t you send me a sign?
A miracle? You expect me to chew on the same crust of bread over and over?
…and like it?”

We are like
children looking in full pantry and fridge
proclaiming, “There’s nothing to eat!”

Sometimes we grow impatient with the length and difficulty of the journey
and we speak out against God, and His man.
We complain about the package deliverance comes in.
“I didn’t expect this!” we rethink the path we’ve chosen.

and the serpent of bitterness
brazenly bites leaving behind his mark on our skin and his poison in our blood,
and we question His very name Jireh, Provider.

But He is Provider, and “God is always good, and I am always loved.”
There is goodness in the manna – the “what is it?” bread of Heaven.
There is love on the journey – water from rocks and brass serpents for healing
despite our complaints.

Counting the provisions of the Lord with Ann:

139. A reminder in an art gallery.

140. His Word a lamp unto my feet.

141. A shopping kitty.

142. A day with Mama.

143. Encouragement to be a finisher.

144. A metropolitan afternoon

145. Tiffany windows raining glory on my hair…

146. simplicity

147. The journey of an altar.

…sharing a playdate with Laura:

….finding heaven with Jen:

…hanging out with L.L.: On In Around button

…sharing with Shandra:

32 thoughts on “Dissatisfied With Heaven’s Bread

  1. oh yes…like children looking in a pantry full of food saying there is nothing to eat…and i am so thankful there is love on this journey despite my complaining…great post…blessings to you…

    • When my children say that, I always feel so inadequate. Even though I know that nothing I could say would make Him feel that way, I hope that is not what I am implying when I say it.

  2. “How we exaggerate when we are determined to be dissatisfied.: wow you nailed me on this sentence! Sometimes nothing will make me happy. Isn’t that a sad state to be in? Thanks for a great post

  3. “If you loved me, you’d provide a seven course meal, with plenty of variety.”

    And then we’d complain because we’re getting fat on it. 🙂

    I’m one who always wants a clearer sign, too. I totally get this one.

  4. Divine words and photos!
    My God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory.
    Jehovah Jireh, my provider. His grace is sufficient for me.
    ~ blessings

  5. really liked how you photo-described your thanks 🙂 Grateful that God is patient with me when I forget to give thanks and that He reminds me 🙂 wonderful post 🙂

  6. This is so good. It reminds me of when my husband and I went on a marriage weekend together and considering the concept that my husband is God’s perfect provision for me, so when I complain about my husband’s shortcomings I basically am telling God, you didn’t do good enough for me. Eye opener. He sees our imperfections and our emptiness and he is perfectly faithful. Thanks for this reminder!

  7. Love this, Kim. How often have I been the one doing that complaining? I want the bread of heaven…Lord, don’t let me grumble over your fine gifts.

    And your photos are so lovely. So much grace.

  8. I’ve been reading in my One Year Chronological bible about how God sent the 12 scouts to go see about the Promise Land. God tells them that He will give it to them and 10 of them tell God that it is impossible for the Israelites to overtake those who are living in the Promised Land at that time. And this is all during the time when God is leading them by a pillar of light every single day. How often do I miss His blatant signs and give up the faith that He has instilled in me?

  9. This dissatisfaction thing. This complaining. Instead of counting the gifts. Why does He have to keep slapping me upside the head.

    These photos–lovely. Raining glory. The kitty. And the stones. Always. Piling. Stones.

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