Flushing, A Simple Pleasure?

The candlelight flickered on the curved ceiling, causing creepy shadows and suggesting eery thoughts.  Camera like flashes and crashing thunder echoed throughout the house.  I had just driven through the worst storm I have ever experienced.  I had dodged fallen trees, driven over downed power lines and hit metal buckets.  The fan in the car wasn’t working, so on top of the blinding rain, I couldn’t see for the fog on the windshield.  My clothes clung to my shivering damp body, and my hair hung in ringlets.

And now, I needed to go to the bathroom.  The nerve wrecking evening had finally caught up with me.  But…wait…no electricity.  No water.  Typically, how small a thing it is to flush a toilet, but tonight I recognized it as a simple pleasure.


36 thoughts on “Flushing, A Simple Pleasure?

    • Actually the electricity was out mostly as we slept, so it wasn’t so bad. It woke us up last night when it kicked back on. You should have seen the storm though. I thought we were goners.

  1. Well written and thank goodness you are home safe.
    Goodness, the weather is wielding unusual havoc.
    We’re still in a drought. We have electricity, water hasn’t been rationed…yet…but I worry about our uncharacteristic high temps in the 100’s and it’s only June. What will August bring? .
    Be safe.

    • My mother and I were just commenting on the strange weather. This week we’ve had 3 days in the high ’90’s, and today we barely got into the 60’s. It seems like an extreme weather pattern…no moderation.

  2. It is the simple things, isn’t it? That bring the most joy? After having experienced a squatty potty a time or two…I completely ‘GET” the profound value of the flush… 🙂

  3. Thankfully you made it home safe and sound. Many take flushing as a given, but there are so many in this world who don’t even have a bathroom or running water. “The sun will come out tomorrow …” Best wishes Tammy

  4. What a great simple pleasure! This is something that we so easily take for granted. The way you wrote “up” to the pleasure was perfect. I love it.

    (I actually considered writing about my new toilet seat this week. LOL In fairness, the old one had a case of the wobbles, making visits to it a bit precarious.

    Glad to meet you through Simple Pleasures

    • That’s odd. We just changed our toilet seat as well. It cracked in half last week. It was also wobbly before completely falling apart. Sometimes, it would even pinch your butt a little.

  5. Thank the Lord that you made it home safe and exspecially driving all way home from your Mom’s in the weather that we had yesterday…

  6. ha! good read. at least the toilet was inside! and you were safe. . . . . 🙂
    thanks for all your visits to my blog, and your constant encouragement. always appreciated.

  7. After spending 10 days in Mexico, part of it in more rural areas, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to have a toilet, complete with lid, TP, and the ability to flush.

    SImple pleasures, indeed. 🙂

  8. Our electricity was out too several times. There you are, you and the cat and a torch! (That thankfully had batteries.) We take so much for granted, don’t we? To ease my suffering I went back to bed and had a nap…

  9. Storms can be sooo frightening! Glad you’re safe and sound. We’ve had wicked weather, too — far too hot for this time of year, far too much rain when other parts of the country are in a drought, etc. Still, it’s important to recognize the simple things in life and acknowledge our Creator with gratitude!

    • I know we live in the Chicagoland south suburbs and have had one day with record breaking heat, another with record breaking rain, another with record breaking cold…repeat. Very odd. I guess it makes the old addage true. If you don’t like Chicago weather, just wait a minute.

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