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A few weeks ago, I guest posted over at Renee’s about one of my favorite high school teachers, Mr. Reichert. I could not let today pass without mentioning him again. He instituted a holiday that will forever live in my family tradition: Lacy Day. Lacy Day is usually about the first week in May but this year is a little early due to the unusually warm weather the Midwest has experienced this year. What is Lacy Day, you ask? Lacy Day is the glorious day on which the leaves of the trees are barely unfolding, appearing as lace against the bright blue sky. I wish I could have taken a picture capturing this beautiful phenomenon, but alas, my phone isn’t working today…so in honor of you Mr. Reichert, I’ll just write a thought or two:

On Lacy Day

Leaves peak from corners of death
peering cautiously, tenderly

and I wonder do I dare reveal myself
this way to You?

Shoots spear through black soil
breaking darkness by sparkling sun

and I wonder do I allow Your light
to expose my black heart?

And I laugh.
What could I possibly reveal to You that You don’t already know?
What could Your light expose that You don’t already see?

And the lacy canopy of budding leaves covers my heart
as Your banner over me is Love.

Spring Green

I did a little research trying to find out whatever happened to Mr. Reichert, and to no avail. Except that I did find this: a comment on another blog. I thought it significant that someone else should remember such a quirky life lesson from this wonderful educator!

Do you have a holiday that you’ve made up?  Or how about a teacher that affected your life?  I’d love to hear about it!

October Days

Everything about the October day is filled with fire. The trees are blazing red, yellow and orange. The light slants from a summer-tired sun, illuminating the world in pumpkin-orange, wind whipping crisp, burnt-leaf air into miniature cyclones.

The trees go out in glory. A final burst of beauty before a winter of loneliness. A final blaze of fire before the bitter cold. Do the trees drink in warmth before the cold? Do they soak it all in as an internal furnace for later use?

And I wonder…where in the seasons of life am I? Am I in a winter of despair? Am I desperate for the warmth of the Son? Frozen beyond feeling? Brittle and ready to break?

Am I thawing in a frozen world, with the tiniest bit of hope, branches bursting forth with budding beginnings?

Am I thriving in summer sun, and gentle rains? Bringing forth the fruit of the season?

Am I bulging with glorious bounty, both of beauty and baskets full of harvest?

Wherever I am, I am not alone. For He is with me. My Shepherd.

He is there in the green pastures.

He is there is the Thanksgiving table of plenty.

He is there in the Valley of the Shadow. of Death.

I will fear no evil.

His Word will comfort me.

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Giving thanks with Ann:

#33 – That God would save a chief sinner like me.

#34 – That my son’s art was featured in the showcase at school… (His is the swirly one)

#35 – One last Indian Summer day…

#36 – Doorbells ringing revealing little girl visitors with pink tutu basket presents

#37 – For the successful launch of my new blog What In The World R U Doing 4 Christ’s Sake?

#38 – Finding the coolest bookstore ever on the greatest field trip of the year!

#39 – God sending messages while playing Words With Friends…

#40 – A daughter who has a heart for the lost, bringing two girls from work to church

Flushing, A Simple Pleasure?

The candlelight flickered on the curved ceiling, causing creepy shadows and suggesting eery thoughts.  Camera like flashes and crashing thunder echoed throughout the house.  I had just driven through the worst storm I have ever experienced.  I had dodged fallen trees, driven over downed power lines and hit metal buckets.  The fan in the car wasn’t working, so on top of the blinding rain, I couldn’t see for the fog on the windshield.  My clothes clung to my shivering damp body, and my hair hung in ringlets.

And now, I needed to go to the bathroom.  The nerve wrecking evening had finally caught up with me.  But…wait…no electricity.  No water.  Typically, how small a thing it is to flush a toilet, but tonight I recognized it as a simple pleasure.