The Dishes – A Formal Event

I had an epiphany doing what is ordinary, even mundane, tonight. We had Easter Dinner 2.0, fine china and all::Ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and strawberry poppy seed salad. When conversation landed and plates were scraped clean, it was time to do dishes. They offered, but for some reason I declined the help. Instead, I started with the glasses and a sink full of almost scalding water capped with Ann’s bubbles, and it came to me. Why not make an event out of doing the dishes? So I blasted Mozart, and lit a candle, and enjoyed the method of it all; the music and it’s repetition, the order of washing: glasses, then plates, then serving dishes, then pans, and finally silverware after changing the water once. And then, I realize that what is usually a chore had become an event worthy of printed invitations and gowns. And He accepted my invitation: the invitation to my Ball of the Dish Washing. The ball where I served my family with the ordinary, only the idea He stuck in my head made it all extraordinary. So we danced in the kitchen, He and I.

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47 thoughts on “The Dishes – A Formal Event

  1. Celebrating the ordinary. Just love this post! I found doing dishes with my kids was one of the times we talked the most. Using their hands, open their mouths I guess. Sounds like using your hands open your heart to me.

  2. Love how He meets us where we’re at! My dishwasher broke months ago…I have yet to replace it as I have grown to enjoy meeting Him at the kitchen sink! So thrilled you found delight in it, too!
    All for Him,

  3. well, i actually love doing dishes most days (i know, call me weird). but after reading this, it will have a whole new significance for me πŸ™‚ now i just need to find a candle to perch on the windowsill above the sink. beautiful ideas!

  4. smiles…doing the dishes, like doing laundry for me is a mediation…an event that i enjoy…it was not always that way…the book practicing the presence changed my perspective on things like that….nice….

  5. The One who washed your soul, invited to your “Ball of the Dish Washing.” Sounds appropriate and so divine! That’s what we all should do–make the mundane, sacred by remembering He is present in it all! πŸ™‚

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