Little Boy Prayers

  I”ll never forget hearing my then four year old son asking God for a Disney World vacation.  As a single mom, I cringed because I knew it would have to be a miracle as I was barely paying my bills. My “mature” Christian side, wanted to explain how it was always best to ask God for things and say “if it be Thy will.”

I am so thankful that the Lord put a watch at the door of my lips and that I refrained from saying anything.  If you want to read the whole story and how God worked everything out, you can visit my other blog here, but the purpose of this post is to remind myself and perhaps any of you who might be along for the journey, that we are to come to God as children.

My son didn’t know that in some Christian circles this type of prayer could be considered “taboo”.  He didn’t understand how big of a request it was.  In his mind, it could be as simple as going to the grocery store, (which incidentally wasn’t very easy at the time because of a lack of funds.)

How do little children approach things?

They don’t care about what others are thinking about them.

They don’t understand the difference between $100 and $1,000,000.

They have no concept of time, space, or other factors that might come into play in making a request.

They just ask.

They ask believing that the person they are entreating can do what they are asking.

I guess an easier way to put it is that they don’t know any better.

How do we get to the point where even though we do have experiences and disappointments that we don’t allow them to color our faith walk?

I’m not sure, but I know that it can be done because Jesus wouldn’t have told us to do it, if it couldn’t be done.

Ask yourself today, how can I be more childlike in my faith?  How can I return to innocence?

25 thoughts on “Little Boy Prayers

  1. I believe it’s something we keep striving for. I don’t believe He wants us to beat ourselves up for not being perfect, as He alone is perfect, but I do believe that we grow closer with each passing day. Oh, sure there are days I find myself sliding downhill, but that’s the great thing about Jesus. He doesn’t wait at the top of the hill for us to meet Him there. He meets us where WE ARE. He knows our hearts so well. I believe when we pray with thanks and praise and expectantly, He is pleased. He wants us to give Him EVERYTHING. I remember a day I felt so low because not having a job (still don’t) I couldn’t buy the 5.00 skein of pretty fuzzy yarn I wanted. It seemes such a small thing and I felt like such a failure to be in a spot where that was something I couldn’t do, then I got home and He gave me a big box full of that fancy fuzzy yarn and some even fancier yarn! He used a total stranger over the internet who knew I was seeking income and needed to clear out some unused inventory in her craft room . . . so something made her think of me and she messaged me (through a forum we belong to) for my address to mail it to me. I know why she suddenly thought of me. A Lord who loves me so much that He gives me pretty yarn to knit with won’t let me go without food or a roof over my head. Isn’t it awesome that He loves us this much? Don’t ever be afraid to tell Him anything! You son wasn’t! Thanks for this post!

  2. One of my dreams is to take my daughter to Disney World one day.
    Your son’s innocence is a reminder of that ultimate faith to have in God. My first children’s book is about the very theme: faith. All we need is an amount the size of a mustard seed.

  3. Your question, “How do we get to the point…” was answered in my life over the last couple of weeks. Until we get there, He will bring someone alongside who has walked through the problem that we are struggling to pray over in faith, or is very close to someone who has. He has blessed me with a new friend, we met at a church-based small group, and she knows two brain cancer survivors in our congregation. Nothing is too big for our God, or too small. We can’t let doubt creep in and take that away from us.

      • Yes! Patti we do…How about if we decide to accept His limitless grace. I’ve been meditating today on the fact that even my faith comes from Him. He is the author and developer of my faith. Who is He? He’s God’s Word. God’s Word develops my faith! He is soooo cool!

  4. I also hopped over to the ‘full story’ on the Disney Trip…it reminded me of the praise sone “Our God is an Awesome God!” Wow, what a great story and revelation of God’s awesome goodness – nice post!


  5. Even after the incredible things He’s done for me, I sometimes get bogged down with “what ifs” and bitterness and so many other worldly things that steal that innocence.

    That story of the Disney World vacation is incredible! 😀 I think as adults we assume that some prayers are too silly or too frivolous for us to bother God with. We forget He wants to fulfill ALL our needs, even the ones we think are silly.

    Now for my next question: What did you think of DisneyWorld?? I just went for the first time this past December, and it was INCREDIBLE! (I don’t have kids. I went with my husband and parents-in-law.) I thought it would be a lot more kid-i-fied than it was. I want to go back and spend more time at Epcot in the international part! ^____^

  6. I have never made it to Disney World. I know its every child’s wish. We do have our limitations, and we can only survive the dark times with time, prayer, and determination.

    • Dearest Penny:
      It is true, we do have our limitations…but He has no limits! When we feel limited in dark times prayer and determination are the only things that can get us through to the other side…We must at all cost believe what He said!

      Journey (Kim)

  7. You are such a honor to God. Thank you so much for remainding us how we are truly children because we are His Kids. I know that He is always there for us and we must remember that there isn’t anything too big, or too much for Him. I have not been single since I was 19 years old and I’m 58 now but what I do know from my siblings and friends that God will be what you need when you need it including your spouse until He brings you another. Take care and remain the blessing that you are. I am honored to call you my friend.
    RevLa…aka…Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    • You are so sweet! Actually God has been good and I am remarried…this story took place 14 years ago and is part of a series I’m doing on how God loves to take care of the little things…You are so kind. Thanks for your words of encouragement! Have a God filled day!

  8. I do hope many more folk will read your wonderful and educational blog, as your thought provoking posts, allow each of us the importance when reading, to give more opportunity to thought, rather than as often can be the case – vocal.

    Captive reading.

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