Pushing Past Panic

Last night was one of those nights.  You know them.  The nights where your glasses seem to be more like magnifying lenses, making every fear and possibility larger than life.  Now, before I start getting phone calls from friends and family, let me explain that there was nothing particularly frightening happening last night.  Just the usual family stuff, my husband’s birthday, a loved one in the hospital, an over tired teenager and a schedule on which it seems everyone is depending on me to be several places at once, just normal family life…But for some reason it felt like my whole world was falling apart.  And no, I was not hormonal at the moment.

I tried voicing my concerns to my husband.  He is a very kind and understanding man, but he doesn’t get it.  Anyway, it was his birthday, and I didn’t want to bog him down with how truly panicked I felt inside.  That’s when I decided to go and spend some time with Him.  Nobody else can take His place anyway.  So I went into my little room of solitude, sat in my comfy chair and opened His love letter to me.  I said, “I need to hear from you tonight.  I am at my wits end.”  I will not tell you what He spoke to my heart, as it was for me and for me alone, but I will tell you that I almost instantly had peace.

It’s easy to run to someone you love after a tough day and pour out your heart, but do you really feel better afterward?  Is anything solved or different about your circumstances?  But there is a Friend Who sticks closer than a brother.  He comforts and heals, and He never disappoints.  Can I recommend that you spend some time with Him too?