Making Room For the King

Advent Calendar for an Artist Tag

Advent is a little different for me this year.
There are no children rushing to the calendar for a piece of candy.
No one to help me decorate the house.
And no one with which to read our advent family devotional.

I have three grown and busy children,
and although two of them are still living at home,
they are fighting hard enough to balance their crazy, upside-down lives
without pressure from me to deck the halls.

It is two days after Thanksgiving,
By this time, I usually have the tree up and decorations abounding,
but this year I’m having a difficult time being motivated.
I’m finding out what traditions will remain with the two of us,
my husband and I,
when we are truly empty-nesters.

And depression tries to sneak in…
until…I hear eighteen year old son whistling Silent Night
in the bathroom while shaving before beginning his day.

It’s then that I remember what I’d forgotten.
Advent isn’t about preparing an aesthetic atmosphere for myself and others,
it’s about preparing an atmosphere in my own heart for the coming King…

A King is on His way to my home.
What shall I do? How shall I prepare?
What shall we eat? What will I wear?
It’s because He is coming, not because company is coming.
And it is in this moment of my Journey Toward Epiphany that I search for Him,
because wise men (and women) still seek Him.

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