A Disappointing Bride – New Glarus Series

This story started out as complete truth. However, as I’ve continued, I’ve changed small details. For instance, some of these events happened within a 30 miles radius of New Glarus…and I don’t remember exactly how I was proposed to…anywho…just wanted to be honest…If you are interested in the first five installments start here.

Wedding Day had been bright and unseasonably warm.

Full of promise for a bright future.

I had asked God for a day just like this.

He granted me that much.

That night, there was pain, shame and I found myself

a disappointment.

Not enough.  a Failure.

The next morning the skies were grey and brewing.

Biting cold air froze my dreams, pellets of ice stung my skin,

waking me from my fairytale dream.

and I wondered if this was how it was

For all new brides.

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