Letting Go And Letting Good


She went out the door too fast in order to escape the tears in both of our eyes. And though she looks forward to her bright future, I look longingly back on my past. Sunshine left the house, a shadow in its place. The one with vim and vigor left the house empty and motionless.

My daughter has moved out…even if temporarily, but she hopes she has moved out forever.

But it’s all good. Timing is right, for she does not belong to me, but to Him Who entrusted her to my care. And if I can not let go now, when. can. I?


It is true…she is more than daughter, she is friend and confidant. But she can do that from her apartment, rather than from her empty bedroom, right?

I guess a parent’s fear is that they will be forgotten; That all the sacrifice of parenthood will be overlooked; That only my shortcomings and failures will be remembered; That she feels she has escaped rather than been set free.

Because when we hold too tight, we force our children to escape. When we empower them we set them free. Free to soar to heights that only strengthened wings can fly. I can smother and injure or I can coax and coach.

So fly little fledgling! Let the wind of His Spirit take you places you’ve never imagined. Fly higher, farther and more adventurous than I ever have.

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Making Room For the King

Advent Calendar for an Artist Tag

Advent is a little different for me this year.
There are no children rushing to the calendar for a piece of candy.
No one to help me decorate the house.
And no one with which to read our advent family devotional.

I have three grown and busy children,
and although two of them are still living at home,
they are fighting hard enough to balance their crazy, upside-down lives
without pressure from me to deck the halls.

It is two days after Thanksgiving,
By this time, I usually have the tree up and decorations abounding,
but this year I’m having a difficult time being motivated.
I’m finding out what traditions will remain with the two of us,
my husband and I,
when we are truly empty-nesters.

And depression tries to sneak in…
until…I hear eighteen year old son whistling Silent Night
in the bathroom while shaving before beginning his day.

It’s then that I remember what I’d forgotten.
Advent isn’t about preparing an aesthetic atmosphere for myself and others,
it’s about preparing an atmosphere in my own heart for the coming King…

A King is on His way to my home.
What shall I do? How shall I prepare?
What shall we eat? What will I wear?
It’s because He is coming, not because company is coming.
And it is in this moment of my Journey Toward Epiphany that I search for Him,
because wise men (and women) still seek Him.

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