An Element of Praise

I am earth,
grounded and broken
ready for tilling
waiting with expectation
for growth.

I am water,
sometimes wild
other times calm
bursting with life
deep down,
if you really want to see.

I am wind,
free as a breeze
place of origin unknown
place of destination uninhibited.
Always moving.

I am fire,
burning hot for You
flames extinguishing remnant of me,
leaping, and licking earth
with wild tongues of Your glory.

Which of the elements are you?

Giving thanks with Ann:

#285 – An excellent temporary refrigerator
#286 – A husband who solves problems
#287 – Letters promising an inheritance
#288 – The greatest love letter promising an even better inheritance
#289 – Living near the most beautiful city in the world
#290 – Meeting a friend at “The Bean”
#291 – Getting TONS of writing done for the conference
#292 – A gift from my generous benefactor
#293 – My dog feels better!! 🙂

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…sharing a playdate with Laura: