Connecting the Dots

(This video is something my son created…cool, huh?)

This week my church hosts it’s annual Connect Conference. It’s all about connecting the dots this year. As always, it seems as though the theme was chosen just for me.
You see, my life has been turned upside down by Him. And it’s only in looking behind me that I am able to connect the dots about this very unexpected place I find myself in.

I have often risen to leadership, but have never been appointed to leadership. There is a huge difference. Rising to leadership gives the leader time to acclimate to their surroundings, but being appointed to leadership is a little like moving to a third world country where the language and culture are completely foreign. It is a frightening and lonely place to be.

But when I recognize that He was weaving the tapestry all along, even the difficult days become a thread of beauty.

The worst experiences of my life have helped qualify me for the most important work of my service to Him. Beauty for ashes. Those with no promise only receive ashes for ashes, but He transforms my ugliest history into beauty and brings healing from my pain. Isn’t He good?