The Answer My Friend, Is Blowin’ In the Wind

In the distance, the hill glows gold with tiny sunbursts. I smile big, quite sure that the happy face was inspired by the dandelion…not Forest Gump. And yet, this felicitous flower brings great unhappiness to most people. My neighbors are constantly at war with them. They spray, dig and curse them. They give me the evil eye for not paying a man to spray toxic chemicals to choke out their existence altogether.

It’s true; they are far less attractive in the seed stage, the stem limp and gray-green with white wispy feathers waiting to waft on the wind. In it’s most empty moment, when all that is left is a translucent stem, a seed is sent on an errand. It may be transported in the calm of a warm summer breeze, or it may have been reluctantly flung from the grasp of its pin cushion in a violent storm, but the seed leaves it’s comfort zone nonetheless.

I’ve experienced times when I have felt limp and gray-green, useless to anyone. I’ve felt unwanted and empty, as though I’m losing more of myself with every core shaking wind of change. But then comes His breath on a breeze…and it picks up the remnant of me like a dandelion clock, ready to make a colorless fluff into a plush splash of light, a replica of the Son, thorns and all. And I see that all along…the answer was blowin’ in the wind. Even though I feel worn out, and frail; used up and dead; He can still take a tiny part of me, carrying it on a whisper, and plant it, spreading splashes of sunshine. Not everyone will enjoy the spillover. They might try to dig it up, because it is different. But there are those, who will enjoy it for what it is…and smile.

I Corinthians 15:36 – What a foolish question! When you put a seed into the ground, it doesn’t grow into a plant unless it dies first.

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