Friends in Cyber Places

This blogging thing? It’s given me something I never dreamed of. I tend to be kind of old-fashioned progressive. You know the type, I realize that cursive is becoming obsolete, but I grieve it’s death, kicking and screaming the whole way…bordering on denial.

As a regular scoffer of online relationships, I never dreamed that I would make REAL, lasting friendships in the blogosphere. I called them “virtual” friendships. And the “virtual” Free Dictionary defines this word: Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination.

But these friendships have moved beyond imagination, and to reality. Comments have led to e-mails, e-mails to phone calls and now I even have a few meet-ups and visits on my agenda with these evermore becoming “Real” friends. They have encouraged my writing, picked me up when I was down, called just to chat, checked on me when I announced that my husband lost his job…and one of them even offered to help financially so that my children could receive Christmas presents. Though it wasn’t necessary in the physical, the offer was essential to the healing of my worried mind, assuring me that all would be well.

How I have loved getting to know these dear hearts. Each one is so different. Adela was the first to contact me. She sent me an unexpected e-mail declaring, “Let’s be blogging BFF’s.” Her wonderful blog Once A Little Girl never fails to fill me with wonder as she remembers things from her childhood in the voice of her younger self.

Jennifer Ferguson’s sweet spirit reaches through the screen to give you a warm embrace. Shortly after arriving on the blogging scene she invited me to be a part of Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood, a blogging community sharing blog links on Tuesdays. Our friendship has grown like a rising loaf of yeasty bread…Yum (Can you tell I’m fasting bread?)

I started reading and commenting on Renee’s blog Lessons From Teacher’s and Twits and stalked her like a rock star. Her posts were filled with wittiness and humor and occasionally a little heartbreak. It wasn’t until I wrote a post about quitting blogging that I realized that I was even a blip on her radar. She held up my arms as in the story of Moses, and stirred up the blogging community to do the same when I considered a permanent break from blogging.

And then there’s sweet Emily. Emily who is in every way an artist, who feels every emotion deeply and dishes out compassion and gooey love straight from the heart of Christ. Her paintings and her prose are full of the pain of beauty found in heartbreak; the love that binds together a man and woman as well as the product of their love; and the joy of life walking with Him. What can I say about her other than that to know her is to love her?

And there are others, too many of you to mention. But know that you are all an unexpected treasures to me.

I recently had a conversation with my son about how surprised I was at the sincerity and depth of friendship I had been experiencing through this blogging experiment. He chastised my old soul with the wisdom that often defies his eighteen years. “What’s the difference between blogging friends and pen pals? Would you say that a pen pal wasn’t a “real” friend?” So there you have it. Wisdom from an eighteen year old boy, living in a 21st century world, redefining the word “friend”.

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Saturday Morning Serial – A New Link-Up Community

I am creating a new village of sorts, a Link-Up Village, and I’d like to invite you to visit. I love your company and it would make my day to sit out on the front porch with you with a cup of tea. So much of who I am thus far as a blogger is due to the influence that so many of you have had on my writing.

When I’m in a writing rut, I find that creating a series on my blog, or reading another blogger’s series will get me thinking outside of the box, and start the creative juices flowing. It primes the pump of an otherwise drying well. Blogging series can be used as a writing prompt so that you don’t have to wait until a bolt of lightening hits you with the perfect idea or words to write.

Welcome to a new link-up community, the Saturday Morning Serial Linkup. This is a community for bloggers who have or who participate in a series of blog posts on their blog. For instance, does your blog feature a weekly roundup of your favorite posts, or do you have a weekly guest post on your blog? Perhaps you are writing a blog book by posting a chapter a week or you write or feature a poem once a month. Whichever the case, the Saturday Morning Serial is for you to connect with others and to benefit from the creativity of others. Seeing what other bloggers have written and the series they have created inspires me and I am sure you will find that they inspire you too.

At the moment, I am finishing up a series of blog posts called, All Roads Lead to New Glarus. These weekly installments are mostly a memoir series, (although I take creative liberties here and there.) I am taking a break from All Roads Lead To New Glarus this week in order to fully explain this new community, but will be back next week.

Here are a few housekeeping rules. 1. Fill out the InLinkz form below. 2. Please include the Saturday Morning Serial Linkup button provided on this site somewhere on your post. 3. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) stay awhile! Go visiting other people in this virtual village. I think your heart will be warmed as you savor their words. Let them know how much you appreciate the Creator’s touch on their life. Oh, and by the way, invite other people to visit our village as well!

So are you ready?

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