The 100th Post Milestone – Celebrating You!


This is my 101st post!  Therefore, I have a few matters of housekeeping. First of all, I want to hand out a few awards.

The first award goes to John for being my most frequent commenter!  John you are always so funny and yet encouraging.  Thanks for always being there.  Literally.  I don’t know too many men who would consider going to a lady’s conference just to accept an invitation…

The next award is for my favorite memoir blog.  Adela Durkee wins this hands down!  Her lovely Once A Little Girl blog has the most genuine family remembrances that I’ve read…anywhere.  When I grow up, I want to write just like her.

Award Three?  Favorite parenting blog:  Ironic Mom.  She makes me laugh.  Out loud.  Hard.

Favorite author’s blog?  A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp.  Divinely and simply deep.

Favorite poetic prose blog?  Imperfect Prose.  Emily’s passion is always exquisitely expressed in words too beautiful to be imitated.  She has a style all her own.

Favorite Inspirational/Devotional Blog?  Finding Heaven.  Jen is sweet and inviting. She finds lovely meaning  from her everyday life.

Favorite eclectic blog?  Coming East.  She has a little bit of everything.  Memoir, editorial, photography and lots of other goodies…


Choosing Smile Lines As Trophies In A Plastic Surgery World

Keeping with the theme of a Wrinkle In Time…I am getting older. Being blessed with Scandanavian complexion, I don’t have too many lines or wrinkles, but I am hoping that when I do, I will wear them proudly. I hope most of them turn upward as I sign that I’ve found more good in my life than bad. I am hoping that they tell the story of a woman who had her share (and maybe more than her share) of hard times, but never stopped being inspired by the sunrise, a bird’s song, a blade of grass, a child’s laugh or the sunset.

The post that got me thinking about this is written by my first blogging friend, Adela. Her blog is always so beautifully written and almost always makes me laugh. Please enjoy, Love and Happiness Scars as a part of A Life-Size Catholic Blog’s Pay It Forward Project.



Guest Post Adela Crandell Durkee

I have a wonderful new blogging friend.  Her voice is so genuine, and her posts are pure joy to read!  Below is a prayer she wrote especially for this time of year.  Please visit her fine blog:  Once A Little Girl


Grant me Patience:  Forgiveness and healing can take time.

Grant me Wisdom:  Growth is sometimes unseen.

Grant me Love:  That I may give it and, as importantly, that I may receive it.

Help me Trust:  You know me.  You love me.  You wait for me.