Grace That Runs Deep

Grace is a simply complex concept.
Some spend it indulgently on things they desire
…but that the Father does not.
And grace runs deep,
even when we are shallow.
There are others, depending on grace,
leaning on grace,
living on the manna of “what is it?”,
daring to because even our goodness is failure,
and that grace runs deeper still.

Deep in our veins
Deep in our vitals
Deep in our hearts,
and dear God I hope
more and more often
Deep in our mouths.

Grace wasn’t cheap for Him.
It cost Him everything.
Yet there are those who cheapen it,
spending it on willful, on-purpose, sin.
They say, “I am free to do this, God’s grace has covered it.”
And it has.
But that grace is cheapened,
the way a pure virgin gives what is once-in-a-lifetime precious
in a cheap hotel
on prom night.
The time and condition seems “right”,
but emptiness follows.
For the life of one who cheapens grace refuses to be changed by it.
And this was never God’s intention.
The changing agent,
this pearl of great price,
was expected to be worn by His Bride
like a ring of promise
remembering that
we are His.  we belong together.
And love like that drives us to please.
To Please our kind lover.

And a river runs through it,
runs through a life changed by grace.
Cutting through rocks and valleys,
creating canyons and fertile crescents.
A place of beauty, changed by the power
of rushing waters.
The rushing waters called grace.

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