Chosen To Stand For Such A Time As This

I don’t know how to feel.

Right is wrong

Black is white

Left is right

and nothing is really anyone’s fault anymore.

The criminal is conditioned

the terrorist brainwashed

the murderer sick.

If everyone is sick

then is the well person now considered the one with a problem?

No one is to blame…

except you Believer.

Your love is mistaken for hatred.

your freedom for bondage

your acceptance for intolerance.

And it will get worse before it gets better.

So what do you have to say for yourself, Believer?

If you say nothing you are a coward

If you say something you’re an extremist

You can’t win for losing

so you might as well say what He said.

If you’re gonna go down,

go down with His Words on your lips.




Let your words be bold,

yet uttered with tenderness.

I want to be the Dangerous Christian

the one who talks about Church in the wild

The one who actually acts like she believes what she says she believes,

With a radical faith.

The one who could be convicted and condemned as a follower of Christ.

Because no longer do we have to travel across the world to be persecuted.

We can stay at home

And they’ll throw rocks at our castle

Windows will get busted

Doors will be kicked down

Houses set on fire

Because your light will shine in the darkness

And the darkness will comprehend it not

And it will try to hide from the light.

blaming the light

for illuminating what must be dealt with.

And in all of this I must ensure that when I am hated

that it is for His sake

Not because I am haughty, opinionated,

angry or annoying.

There is no anointing in annoying.

I know how to feel now…

Honored to live now…

Chosen to stand now…

Entrusted with the challenge

of being true to Him.

This is your time Believer!

To be loyal to His Name,

His Word,

His cause.

Not just to believe in God,

but to believe Him.

To trust what He said

and you can trust that when you recite His Words

that they will move Heaven and Earth,

they will change HIStory,

they will raise up a standard,

for such a time

as this.

6 thoughts on “Chosen To Stand For Such A Time As This

  1. “A Dangerous Christian” looks like a great title for another blog. 🙂 Being “a dangerous christian” means different things to different people. You can get the “annoying” dangerous Christian or the TRUE follower of Christ. A true lover of God, a lover if his presence and a true lover for people outside the 4 walls of a church building. A true believer. Follower ofChrist. Not a Christian that memorizes scripture but lives scripture. Becomes it. Walks in it. Now that is a dangerous Christian. Very good post Kim! I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Our day is certainly coming when we will be called upon to stand. Our country has grown soft, but I believe difficult days are ahead and we must root ourselves in Him to survive what will come.

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