Unexpected Epiphany

I sat in an auditorium chair; nervous but expectant. This was the first writer’s conference that afforded me appointments with publishers, agents and published authors. Fifteen minutes. How could I possibly communicate my ideas in a mere fifteen minutes? I sat in a chair next to Suzie Eller. This was different than the other meetings, because we belonged to the same community. The blogging community.

So I told her my dilemma. How I’ve been blogging, and writing a novel and now God throws in this twist…Executive Director of a non-profit organization…me? How does a retired home school mama find herself here? And what if I have to quit blogging? What if I never finish the book I’ve spent three years on?

She smiled, and calmly asked in her charming southern drawl, “What is your blog about, Kimberly?”

“I don’t really know, I guess it’s about finding out more about me and how I can influence my world for Him.”

“Do you realize that you’ve used the word ‘influence’ three times in this conversation?” She paused for effect. “What if I told you that it may not be important whether you ever get a book published or not? Whether you continue blogging or not? Clearly the thing that motivates you is to influence the world around you for Christ. However the Lord has you doing that is His business, wouldn’t you agree?”

I felt dizzy. How did this sweet lady figure me out better than I had figured myself out in less than ten minutes? I was struck dumb.

It’s amazing how epiphany bolts through like a bullet train, changing perspective and destiny. I can’t say that there has ever been a conversation that I can look back to that has caused such instant clarity before or since. And after meditating on Suzie’s wise words I realize that there was also wisdom in what I said that this place was all about…”finding out more about me and how I can influence my world for Him.” I guess I just didn’t expect what I found out about myself, or the way that the Lord would have me to influence others.

Epiphany changes the filter on the camera lens you are peering through. Even though the objects haven’t changed, the light in which you view them alters everything. I am called to influence, but how I influence may not be the same filter I saw myself using…and I am learning to leave all preconceptions at the door, because they are rarely what He has planned. What He has planned is usually much bigger.


22 thoughts on “Unexpected Epiphany

  1. A blogging friend let me do a guest post recently, and rather than go for something in the line of his usual offbeat humour, I did a serious post about a lady who married a man over 68 years ago, lost him to World War 2 but remained faithful, only to recently find a French town that had cared for her husband’s body and remembered him every year since. My post only brought in a few comments, and I was quite disappointed – here I was, a complete flop at my best subject, World War 2.
    Two days ago, a charming French gent wrote in and remarked on how well I knew and respected the folk of Normandy and their efforts to never forget the Allied sacrifice on that 6th June day in 1944. We have since chatted back and forth, and on his next reply, I hope to gain his Email address where I can learn more about his work returning items dug up by civilians to French soldiers or their families and descendents.
    A writing dead-end to a new French friend, in less than 48 hours. “His mysterious ways” indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • John! I thought you fell off the edge of the earth! Good to hear from you, and great to hear that you have contributed your wisdom. Yes, this blogging world is full of emotional ups and downs, and I struggle to not get caught up in the “productivity” of it with stats and “effectiveness”. But God. He always has a plan whether it be a relationship or a revelation. Why He has us doing what He has us doing is rarely visible until we step back and see it all accomplished. It takes patient endurance, something I am often short of.

      • Nope, not a member of the Flat Earth society. Just a comedy of errors, or perhaps an error-load of comedy. One dead wi-fi box, two week-long illnesses, a major storm that knocked out most peoples’ power in our area for 2 weeks (though not mine, thanks to a sewerage-pumping plant – blessing from a poop plant!), and a variety of little hiccups, including cool new neighbors. And a week of grilling at 100+ degrees – oof!
        Yeah, there’s some devious plan out there to get me blogging. I’ve been recruited as a guest blogger again, and despite my protests that my posts tend o flop like Shamu. Maybe this one will do better – we’ll see. Or maybe I just have to get off my dead rear-end and actually open up that blog everybody harasses me to do. Guess I need a few more clues to unravel those “mysterious ways”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. And this is just another example of why the body of Christ matters so much! How often have I needed a brother or sister in Christ to come along and help me see something which should have been obvious (but which I was just too close to see?)

    Great story.

  3. Now this is my kind of Playdate–one where truth sets free…what a beautiful moment, Kim. What a blessing to be heard in this way. I think you are influencing so many for Kingdom good.

  4. “Epiphany changes the filter on the camera lens you are peering through.” How true. And what a blessing to know God sent the words you needed to hear. I love how God blesses us!

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  7. Thanks for this. I, too, struggle with the question of what God intends to do with the promptings of His gentle guidance in my life. I always come back to the mantra of “just show up” and I try to leave the rest in His capable hands to do with as He will. Very hard to do. Just curious – what writing conference did you attend (saw someone else mention Write-to-Publish, a conf. I attended twice with some success – requests for two book proposals)?

  8. This was such a great post. I loved your statement, “โ€œEpiphany changes the filter on the camera lens you are peering through.โ€ I am your neighbor at Live free on Thursday. I love Suzie also and will see her at her retreat next weekend. Blessings Diana

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