Rest Versus Escape

imageRest is so different from escape. I can rest right where I am without having a palm tree or beach. When my heart swirls around like so many towels in the dryer, I can stand still and hear a tiny voice. I don’t need to watch a movie, read a book or imagine away my fears. Sure the temptation is always there like that box of Christmas chocolates beckoning from the pantry, but just like a broken fast or diet the gratification only lasts for the moment and then I feel worse than before.

No, rest is found in admitting, “I am not enough. There is not enough of me to go around.” And then waiting…waiting for that voice so small that it is only heard in stillness. It reminds me that He is more than enough, and when I am found weak, He is found strong; when I am found foolish, He is found wise; when I am found overwhelmed, He is found sufficient.

This is my peaceful place, my safe home, and I trust Him to lead me to green pastures…and guess what? He does.

My comfort food is His Word and it satisfies. He is the high tower to which I escape and find rest…and now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…He is able to keep me, and in that promise, I rest.

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