7 Attitude Adjustments From the Beattitudes


Jesus taught his disciples about the priorities of his Father’s kingdom by teaching them the beatitudes. Sometimes they described priorities opposite of what we might expect, and they always showed that blessings come from assuming a Christ-like attitude. Here are some beatitudes that can change your attitude to be more like Jesus:

My dear readers, will you join me at Family Fire?

…and I chronicle His grace


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One thought on “7 Attitude Adjustments From the Beattitudes

  1. (I clicked over to read the rest of the post, but was unable to comment there.) Kim, these words have been life to their readers for many years, and it always astounds me how even though they are not new and shiny words, they still had a lot to say to this reader today. Thank you for giving me many things to think about as you meditated on these ancient words. And thanks for sharing this with us at Unforced Rhythms.

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