When the Enemy Comes In Like A Flood


When the enemy comes in like a flood….

And it’s during your non profit organization’s biggest annual fundraiser

Which is planned for outdoors

And you have no plan “b”.

When a deluge of doubt drowns all that was sprouting green

And hope is as damp as the basement floor

That threatens to pool over like the tears in your eyes.

When carefully laid plans seem to lay in waste

And a crew of almost 100 looks to you to make a decision

Whether to admit defeat or somehow trudge on.

When even after clouds empty the air is thick with Mosquitos and humidity

And parking lots are lakes

And dreams threaten to turn to nightmares.





God raises a standard.

And it almost always includes His army

Of mighty workers and trusters

Who look in the face of doubters and dare to defy disaster.

God raises a standard of men and women

Who work together to see how we can make it happen.

Even in the midst of near fundraising tragedy.

God raises a standard

Better than our plan “a”

With fellowship and smiles and never one cross word.




God raises a standard

A plan better than ours

And once again I remember…



Still counting

Three gifts water…

110. Morning downpour places screen with Monet masterpiece.


111. Deluge turns into delight

112. Running water in my home.

Three gifts curled.

113. Dog sleeping

114. Me curled up on office floor napping.. 🙂

115. Eyelashes

Gifts in life, growth and decline

116. Baby boom at church

117. Taste of Love INC money raised!

118. Decline of 7 day work weeks now that the Taste is over.

Three gifts yellow

119. Early morning sun through trees.


120. Lone Black-eyed Susan in a sea of green.


121. Church family donned in Taste of

Love INC yellow. image

122. Firemen.


123. God’s protection.

124. My neighbor’s safety.

Three gifts hanging down.

125. vbs props


126. Flower baskets – gifts from God.


127. Neighbor’s grape fines dripping sweetness.

Thre gifts learned

128. image

129. image

130. image

Three gifts musical.

131. Birdsong

132. #Connect14 worship


133. Her. She sings in her sleep. image

Three gifts baked.

134. Sourdough bread

135. Double chocolate cupcakes

136. Lasagna

Gifts in light, darkness and shadows.

137. Grandma’s house. image

138. Sunrise shadows.


139. Dark and cool forests.

…sharing a playdate with Laura:
and at a new place for writers Unforced Rhythms of Grace.

and with beautiful Jennifer Dukes Lee…
strokec2 }



3 thoughts on “When the Enemy Comes In Like A Flood

  1. That Exodus verse is one of my favorites. Oh, how wonderful that God fights for us! There is such a refreshing spirit in this post — one that has learned that the best plans we can manage still can’t compare to what God has for us. May I remember the same is true not just for fundraising events but also for my whole life.

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