Show Me Your Glory…Even Though I’m Afraid

I love this song.
It is the cry of my heart.
…except for one line. “I’m not afraid.”
because I am afraid.
and shouldn’t I be?

His voice makes the earth tremble.
He is the Great Judge.
He holds Life and Destruction
and considers them like a chef considers which spice to use.
He says that no man can look upon His face and live.

That’s frightening.

I only know that God longed to show His people His glory
long ago
in a desert far, far away.
But they were too afraid.

And it made Him sad.
I don’t want to make Him weep over my rejection of Him.
Is my fear essentially rejection?
It was for those desert travelers.

I wonder what it takes to be a Moses?
To be chosen to commune with God in a deeper way than the masses?
But did God choose Him, or did He choose God?
Moses, with his asking?

Do I only have to ask?
and then have the courage for the answer?
It is true, I am afraid,
but I think I’d risk that fear to see His glory.

Jacob saw God in the face of His brother Esau.
He saw glory in a common relationship.
He risked death and unforgiveness to see glory there.
Am I willing to seek Him in the face of another?

Jesus saw the glory of Solomon in lillies,
And David has directed us to the stars.
Saying that the heavens declare His glory.
Because the stars sing, you know.

And their song declares His glory.
Does my song declare His glory?
For I am reminded by my sister that I sing because I have a song.
Not because I have the answers.

And my heart cries, “Show me your glory!”
And my Love answers, “My glory is all around you!”

…sharing a playdate with Laura:


33 thoughts on “Show Me Your Glory…Even Though I’m Afraid

  1. Most of my childhood, and many of my adult years, were characterized by fear of God rather than love for Him. The good news is: He pursued me, revealing the depth of His love for me. The only way I know to love God more is by understanding how deeply He loves.

  2. Beautifully written.
    Although I ran, He sought after me.
    When I am afraid I draw closer to Him, because He shields and protects.
    And I know that His grace covers all things.

  3. “And my heart cries, “Show me your glory!”
    And my Love answers, “My glory is all around you!””

    Yes, His glory is all around us! We need only to see what is already there.

    Thank you for the glimpse of His glory in your words, this morning!

  4. Oh but how His perfect Love for us can cast our all the fear…and open our hearts to His Glory all around us…Love the pic. of the birds…made me smile:)

    • That picture was taken with my phone, and isn’t the greatest, so I’m very glad that someone was able to enjoy it! It was amazing to see in person. I thought the line might break!

  5. Since I’ve been reading about Moses in my chronological Bible, I’ve been thinking about him, too. And while I think God definitely chose Him first, I think Moses finally choose to go deep with God. I have to admit — I’m a little envious of him getting to see God as he did!

    • Thanks Laura! He does do big things! I am sitting in awe of what He has done and will do…trusting in Him for my future, for there is none without Him. Thanks for seeing the beauty in my picture. (My phone’s camera isn’t very good).

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