Letting Go And Letting Good


She went out the door too fast in order to escape the tears in both of our eyes. And though she looks forward to her bright future, I look longingly back on my past. Sunshine left the house, a shadow in its place. The one with vim and vigor left the house empty and motionless.

My daughter has moved out…even if temporarily, but she hopes she has moved out forever.

But it’s all good. Timing is right, for she does not belong to me, but to Him Who entrusted her to my care. And if I can not let go now, when. can. I?


It is true…she is more than daughter, she is friend and confidant. But she can do that from her apartment, rather than from her empty bedroom, right?

I guess a parent’s fear is that they will be forgotten; That all the sacrifice of parenthood will be overlooked; That only my shortcomings and failures will be remembered; That she feels she has escaped rather than been set free.

Because when we hold too tight, we force our children to escape. When we empower them we set them free. Free to soar to heights that only strengthened wings can fly. I can smother and injure or I can coax and coach.

So fly little fledgling! Let the wind of His Spirit take you places you’ve never imagined. Fly higher, farther and more adventurous than I ever have.

Sharing with Jen at her final party!! …and my dear, dear Em.

6 thoughts on “Letting Go And Letting Good

  1. What a sweet post! I know it might seem trite, but I almost felt the same way last night as my oldest daughter graduated from Kindergarten last night! Oh, man, it is only going to get harder to let go as she gets older, isn’t it? Thank you for linking up at M2M this week!

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