Creating An Experience, The Last Supper, Pt. 3

On this Maundy Thursday…

Creating An Experience

While entertaining friends or family in our homes, we all want to leave the guests with an experience they will never forget.  Jesus was no exception to this rule during His Last Supper, creating two very significant events.  The first moment Jesus created was the Eucharist.  The word, “Eucharist” means thanksgiving.  First, Jesus thanked and praised God for the bread and wine.  Then, He started speaking mysteriously of eating His Flesh and drinking His Blood.  This isn’t the first time that He had referred to Himself as being Bread, and He talked to the woman at the well about being drink that satisfies thirst forever. Be that as it may, it’s still quite a thing to say at a holiday party!  It is the first time that He handed them Bread and declared that it was His Body, and gave them a cup proclaiming that the wine…

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