My Prayer For A Concrete Rebellion

I am late night shopping, and almost the only car in the empty lot.  The air is full of summer night sounds; grasshoppers, crickets and firecrackers.  The  spray of lights brighten the sky in the distance reaching into the atmosphere despite laws and crackdowns.

And we forget why we rebel and risk injury to celebrate this way.

My car turns from the lot onto the deserted frontage road.  And there they are, defying concrete and traffic and anything else that comes against them.  Illuminated by the streetlight I find God’s decoration against a darkening sky. But they have not forgotten why they risk injury and rebel against concrete and fumes.  They reach to Him to tell of His glory.

Delicate lace somehow defies rubber tires and cement just to remind me that He is faithful.

Though my heart be tender, and my strength seem frail, may I determine to break…

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