Soap and Shampoo, Elements of Communion

My office is an oasis. It is a place of refreshing for those who think they need money, but who really need a drink. Weary travelers call hoping that we can solve all of their problems. Instead, we are only allowed to provide a sip. Because to allow the parched to gulp only gives them more pain, and they are thirsty for so much more than provision.

We give them soap and shampoo, but then we give them a morsel of genesis life. It is a Eucharist of sorts; a bit of bread and a sip of wine; scripture and prayer.

The Word of God, Jesus, was broken as bread…and we live by this Bread of life. His Words are the sustenance our innermost being survives to hear. These Words spoken heal wounded hearts, souls and bodies….and the wine? His Spirit. Where two or more of you agree touching anything there He is…right there in their midst. There He is, right there in the Personal Care Pantry. Soap cleansing the body, God’s Word cleansing a soul and the intoxicating Presence to wash it all down.

The seed is natural, but the growth is supernatural. Soap grows into spiritual hunger when mixed with prayer and compassion.

Maybe if we can give a sip, the partakers will want more….we hope to whet appetites with soap and shampoo, with Word and prayer, and all in the Name of Christ.


Kim Sullivan is the Executive Director of Love In The Name of Christ Tinley Park, Illinois. Love In the Name of Christ of Tinley Park is a group of Christian churches and church volunteers reaching across denominational lines to help people in need. People in need often end up on the doorstep of our community churches. But one church alone cannot deal with the complex issue of poverty. Love INC works by mobilizing churches and Christian volunteers to network with existing community resources and develop church ministries to fill the gaps where community services are not available.

If you are interested in donating to this cause or learning more visit our website at

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12 thoughts on “Soap and Shampoo, Elements of Communion

  1. Love those work day epiphanies! Reading about your ministry blessed me…brought back wonderful memories of a homeless ministry where I worked in Arizona. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Trust me, speaking from the other side of your desk, often the gift itself is enough. In a world all too quick laud the new Audi over the used Chevy, to criticize the lack of iPad or iPhone, to condemn a wood-burning furnace as “Luddite” (when you can’t afford the convenience of gas), the sheer fact that someone is willing to help without judgement, to give without strings, to care in a world seemingly empty of love, is itself a balm to spirit and soul. That you also share the word of God is just that little extra bow on the package that shows you really do care. On behalf of those far-too-many people who must make use of your services, thank you!

  3. Yes, Yes, and Yes, Thank you Kim for what you do and for your heart and your wisdom, and your love. Would it not be fun to work together? Soap and shampoo, the Word and prayer…may the Lord use it all to minister to hearts!

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