Death By Beauty – A Thanksgiving Community Poem

Welcome to our Thanksgiving play place! We are taking on a challenge as a community to write poetry together. Each day I will provide a picture and a line of poetry. Your job is to leave a line of your own in the comment section. I will provide a new prompt and picture and a poem created by all of us the following day! Will you take time for a little wordplay?  (P.S. tomorrow I will be over at Amy’s place talking about my favorite charity…can you guess which one it will be?)

Golden jewels in cornflower blue sky;

a parasol of leaves,

filtering light overhead

and I wonder, will I sparkle with one last burst of beauty before I die?



Rest For the Weary

by Journey Towards Epiphany Community

'autumn leaf' photo (c) 2004, tracy ducasse - license:

I let go of summer’s bounty to join the fallen,

the broken fragments blown together

by the exhale of cares,

fettered by fools for the feat of forgiveness.

Leather worn leaf settles to rest for winter’s sleep

…and so do I.

Old man winter makes fragile remnant shiver

falling, twirling, spiraling down to rest among

piles of others.

Sifting with a sigh into the earth,
I leave behind the exuberance
of seasons past,
choosing the soothing quiet
of snowdrifts.

Leathered hopes sigh in the letting go

rest under the cover of grace

wait for the spring of new life.

The days shorten,

the leaves fall,
Life closes in as the cold air comes.

But this is not an end,

just a pause.

All waits, beneath snow of purest white

For that one December day,

When life and His love are reaffirmed.

Then all gather strength,

As the days grow long and warm,

And life bursts forth, everywhere,

Stronger for the rest, and for

His love.

Even though I often long for the days to match my mood or schedule,

to know that in charge I am not;

this is far more of a blessing than any kind of weather,

no matter what this world holds

I am held by the Creator.

Leaves, like hands wave

to their Maker

and in a final hurrah

they shine brilliant

against October sky.

November comes

and life is over

floating down from pinnacle of praise.

There is beauty in life


I have arrived.

Like weathered leaf

At last I achieved

the deep creases of life experienced.

Some joy, some angry,

but most are deep,

full lines of joy and laughter.

9 thoughts on “Death By Beauty – A Thanksgiving Community Poem

    • I have no idea….I was thinking of a way that I could post more often with my busy schedule, and how everyone likes to list thankful things in November…I have missed all of you terribly!

  1. this is a line for the second poem – hope I’m understanding this correctly…here goes:
    this morning’s sky is bluer than my grandson’s eyes – the waning moon still high in the west – The Word assures us there will be Springtime and harvest and that the grass withers but His promises shine bright, they never wane – He rides high on the wings of wind and tiptoes across the clouds – how could I not love Him so?

  2. “As He sows, so He reaps.
    We are born, live, and die.
    Yet we are not annual;
    We shall live forever,
    Not just for a single season,
    When we live in His love.”

    (Seriously, is this stuff I’m dumping here any good? It’s hard to write only a small part of somebody [or many somebodies] else’s idea! Please tell me if I’m stinkin’ the place up too badly, okay? 😉 )

  3. Or will I fade slowly,
    losing lustre one molecule
    after another,
    finally fading to nothing;
    and all that remains
    is cornflower blue sky.

    These are really pretty wonderful, Kim. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

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