Nehemiah 3: A Lesson In Appreciation

Good Monday Morning! I am continuing my series on Nehemiah this morning with chapter 3. Everything about chapter 3 screams out, “Skip me!” It is one of those chapters that consists of a long list of names and places. But after surveying this portion of scripture from the eyes of an Executive Director, I realized one thing: God knows how important it is to memorialize those who have given to a cause. So here are my thoughts about a chapter I would would normally skim through.

Press the pause button!
Insert academy award speech here.
“I would like to take a few moments
to mention the names of those who
have made this possible.”

Some pile brick upon brick
on a wall in front of their home;
the place they most want to protect.
They will be able to enjoy
the work of their hands while
sitting on their couch, gazing out
their living room window.

Others work in a much more public place,
constructing secure gates
with names like Broad, Valley and Dung.
Skilled construction workers,
pastors, rabbis, teachers,
entire families and even…girls
are listed with Thanksgiving
both the expected and the unexpected,
the skilled and unskilled alike.

They worked in community,
having one purpose in mind.
This is what comes of unity, of a people of one mind.
Combine focus with sweat and determination
and you get the impossible done…
and perhaps, your name written in a book
for strangers to read…
thousands of years later.

I encourage you to find a cause that you can work beside others who are likeminded. Don’t worry whether you are qualified or not…God will lead you to build a wall next to someone qualified, who will encourage you along the way. Together we can “rise up and build” the impossible!

Today I’m sharing over at Michelle’s, Laura’s and Jen’s!

8 thoughts on “Nehemiah 3: A Lesson In Appreciation

  1. There is an old phrase that says “You can judge a person by the company he keeps”. If you associate with makers of trivial works, no matter how hard you work, you will be associated with trivial works. If you associate with makers of great works, no matter how humble your talents, you will be associated with great works. Better to try and fail in public than succeed in private – trust me, I’ve seen this first-hand! 🙂

  2. Very nice post! Thanks for the encouragement to get up and do 😉 One of my favorite sayings in regards to this is, “God’s calls the qualified, and qualifies the called.” We’re neighbors this wk at The Wellspring 🙂

  3. I love the story of Nehemiah. And other character in the story I love is the King. He sheltered Nehemiah…giving him a leave of absence, guards, lumber, etc. It takes us all working together. This is beautifully written yet even more, the words are tugging at my heart–rise up and build.

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