Let us Arise and Rebuild!

Continuing my journey with Nehemiah…This is inspired from the second chapter. Won’t you join my meditations on Nehemiah? If you’d like to start from the beginning, you can go here.

My world wonders why I mourn,
but my nation continues to suffer the consequence
of corporate sin.
We are blind and can not see
That when some suffer, we all suffer.

“What can one girl do?”
they ask.
“You are taking on too much care
over the misery of others.”
But still, I am troubled.

Another asks what bothers me,
and I tell them how my home is in shambles.
A few want to help, some with money
Others want to be my companions
On a long road to recovery.

When the road brings us to our destination
we find
that things are worse than reported…

Because those who have stepped over this mess
for a hundred years
do not see it any longer.
They have resigned themselves that this is life.
Hope has long ago grown wings and taken flight.

But when His Spirit arises, I find myself declaring,
“Let us arise and rebuild!
Arise out of the ashes, the crumbling ruins,
Let us remember who we are,
and Whose we are.
Together we can do this!”

But then, a miracle unfolds!
for those who have lived the zombified lives
of the walking dead
become alive again;
Alive to hope and ready to work.

4 thoughts on “Let us Arise and Rebuild!

  1. This is great, Kim. I miss you. Me not having as much time as I want to read. You not having as much time as you’d like to write.

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