I Am A Nehemiah One

The story of Nehemiah has been tumbling in my heart…and so I decided to start a project; a project of writing some application thoughts about an entire book of the Bible…one chapter at a time.

Like Nehemiah, I weep; I pray.
What was once glory and splendor
Is wrecked and ruined
only a glimmer of days gone by and
The rubble of broken lives dirties the hem of my skirt.

The deer-caught-in-headlight stare
of the old and weak reveals
a giving up of all that is good,
their children never knowing that these
“dejected ones” were once heroes of faith, valiant in deed.

Without permission from these brokenhearted,
I remind God of His promise
determined to implore, to persuade
to influence and beg if necessary
those who are downcast to look up again.

I rise from my prayer stool,
ask God for success in my journey;
my journey to the city that once was and is no more.

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