Connecting More Dots

I am sitting somewhere I never thought I’d be, not in a million years.  I’m sitting in a hotel room, alone, on a business trip.  This is a pinnacle of sorts; a place to look back and wonder at the hand of God and His leading. 


I’m kind of lonely, very excited, more than a little frightened, and completely overwhelmed by His grace.  Oh the wonder of it all!  The wonder of the journey He’s prepared for me.  The journey of a simple girl.  A girl who was told she could do anything in life, and who chose to be wife, mother, home educator and church volunteer.  And when all of those roles seemed to evaporate into thin air, she found herself lost and frustrated, wondering what was next.  

Now that simple girl, through a miraculous chain of events, finds herself an Executive Director of Love INC.  So humbled am I that the board of directors chose me, and even still more humbled when I consider that He chose me. 

At first I wondered how this fit into my plans.  Remember my plans?  The ones whereby I became a successful author?  Those plans were going well.  I received two scholarships to writing conferences and interest in two of my books.  But God, He had different plans.  God had big plans for a little me. 

At one of those conferences T. Suzanne Eller helped me discover why I love to write, my true motivation.  I love to influence others toward Christ.  Writing for writing sake doesn’t motivate me, but writing for His sake does. 

And now?  Now I get to influence hurting people every day that I go to work.  I have the privilege of coaching and encouraging volunteers from 5 different churches.  I had no idea when I forced myself to be organized with the kid’s school records that I was learning how important documentation can be.  Little did I know when I oversaw 4 small groups with over 45 people total that I was learning valuable leadership skills.  I was completely oblivious when I planned events at nursing homes that I would use those same skills to plan events for church leaders and pastors.  When I went business to business selling advertisements for my home school co-op playbill, I had no clue that I was training to raise thousands of dollars for a non-profit organization. All of that social networking that I was learning while promoting this site?  My has that proved valuable for promoting our brand new Love INC affiliate. Here’s my favorite…I started that other blog, remember it?  What In The World R U Doing 4 Christ’s Sake?  It featured incredible people who were making a difference in their communities. Now I am one of those people! Who knew? All along I had no idea what I was being trained for.

But you know what?  He did.  He knew.  And He knows His plans for you.  They are totally blow-your-mind amazing and so much beyond what you could think or imagine.  He has plans for you to make a difference in this world.  More than likely, you are already training for your future.

So, next time you have a trial, don’t wish it away.  Thank God that He trains your hands for upcoming battles!  You never know where His leading might take you!

14 thoughts on “Connecting More Dots

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I never had plans of being in rural Ohio, with unlimited free time, helping out neighbors and the church across the street. But my education in computers, and my father’s lessons in “being handy”, made sure I was fully equipped when the trial of migraines threw me off my track.
    Amazing how multi-purpose your “single topic” education can be, eh? 😉

  2. I just love, love, love this! And you are SO right! He is training us for future things and we just never know where that might be. I can’t wait to see what he is training me for next 🙂 And I’m so proud of you! You inspire me!!!

  3. Totally encouraging to read this piece Kim. I’m always struggling with the why of trials and struggles, need to trust more, a lot more…


  4. Kim, I love the way he has connected the dots for you. And I just realized that is the title of your post. Oh my, God is good, yes he is. Glad you linked up this post in the comments. I do miss you but so glad to see the way God is using you.

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