Losing My Grip on Grace

I am done with striving.
Striving to keep a certain kind of house.
Striving to be a certain kind of homeschooling mom.
Striving to be the perfect wife.
Striving to play the part of Executive Director.
Striving to write a novel.
Striving to write a blog.
Striving to be a better friend real and virtual.
Striving to eat better and buy healthier food with a tiny budget.
Striving to look good even though I don’t even have money for a hair cut.
Striving, striving, striving….

I. give. up.
His grace will have to cover my striving.
I am at the end of me and what I can do in every area.
Now it’s time to see what He wants to do.
I am tired.
willing to let go.
It feels like I just don’t care anymore.

But that’s not it.
I have just realized that in all my striving
I have lost my grip on grace.
And I can’t do it anymore.
Not without Him.

What if the only thing I strove for was Him?
Might I find that I am a better wife?
A better housekeeper?
A better writer?
A better friend?

Lord, you are all I need…for in You is found everything.
Your grace does not wear thin. There is enough to cover all.
It is sufficient.

15 thoughts on “Losing My Grip on Grace

  1. I am sitting there with you, looking at the virtual ocean of striving where I’ve cast it all to float in the endless waters of letting go. Miss you and love you and thankful for the way you share yourself with others.

  2. The enemy must have one goal these days…piling upon us…expectations…getting us to hold what is not ours to hold…I have been like a snowball rolling down a hill…gaining speed…collecting more than i should…I hit the wall yesterday…both of my husbands…earthly and Heavenly were there to scoop me up…I too am letting go again…finding grace…and He will pick me up so I can abide in His love…striving hides His love and grace from us…blessings as we let His grace be truly sufficient~

  3. KD—sooooo glad to ‘hear’ you again. and I can I say ‘amen’ to all your thoughts? I have been there. It is always about seeking Him first, then He will add everything else.
    Hang in there–I’ve missed you!

  4. While it concerns a radically different topic, a Soviet general once said “Perfection is the enemy of good enough”. Don’t try to be perfect – especially in measuring against others. Do your best – God will take care of the rest.
    Beautifully written.

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