Finding Holy In Long Summer Days – by Tara Polkhotte – TOYS Linkup

I am so sorry this is so late. Life has been crazy and I hope to write about it soon! Tara’s life is crazy too! She’s a mama, a student and she works…(I think I need some counselling as to how she finds time to write!) Her words are like a visit to Grandpa’s lap on his favorite rocking chair. The sway back and forth until your spirit has found peace and rest. You need to check out her blog Polkhotte Press. It’s a vacation in a blog…


Take Off Your  Shoes (TOYS)…You’re About to Enter Holy Ground!

Our 15 hour car ride brought us through the Cumberland Gap, weaving slowly up the ribboned roads of the Appalachian mountains to my father-in-law’s house, perched eye level with the treetops. We unpacked our cramped limbs from our seats and promptly found our way to our beds just before the sun broke the horizon.

With the promise of seven days of uninterrupted time as a family we meandered through our routines – no clocks to adhere to, places to be, and only the lake welcoming us at the edge of the dock. I felt myself exhale, let go of the constant pull of forward driving days and thoughts to let myself sink into the beauty of time allowed to be still. And as is the power of staying present, my eyes began to see all of the holy pooling at my feet.

Holy came in paper bowls, bed-heads and the passing of cereal boxes over top of the boy so excited for the day that he was already wearing his snorkel gear so when an adult made the nod of the affirmative, he could race down that hill and be the first in.

Holy splashed between us every lazy afternoon, burning hot across the crowns of our heads as our arms and backs crinkled sun-dried lake upon our skin. It came masked in sandwiches whose crusts, discarded by the four year old nibbler, became fish food and cause of delight. It settled slowly on boat rides and sunsets across the open water.

I watched as holy was exploded by men, whose love language is different then mine, painted multicolored love across the sky. It sat brilliant in the reflection of the fireworks and pride dancing on my children’s upturned faces. It circled around a solitary lamp each night, three generations slapping cards on the table. Voices rising in fake protest or the sweetest of victories, sharing hands and our stories while the stars winked their silent approval.

I found it tucked up tight next to my children in the bunk-beds their daddy used to call his own. Contentment tangled at their feet in the piles of old Pound Puppy and Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle sheets. Holy was there at 3 am, eight hours after the storm rolled through, taking the power with it – leaving in its wake an uncomfortable four year old girl, stripped down to only her princess undies trying to stay cool. Even in the close to 100 degree stagnant heat, when she needs comfort, she still seeks my arms in the dark and presses my forehead to hers to find the rhythm of sleep.

When the morning came for us to leave our summit, I breathed in deep, letting the glory of those moments spent in quiet living tuck up deep into my bones. I let my head rest back against the seat as our car hugged the bending roads back down the mountain; and I smiled at the miles ahead.

Won’t you join me on Fridays for a new series and linkup called, “Take Off Your Shoes, You’re On Holy Ground!” or TOYS? Each week a post will be shared about the significance of a place and you will be able to share as well!! Just 1) Write a post about how a place has ministered to you. 2) Add your post to the linkup. 3) Add the button to your post. 4)Visit and encourage your neighbors!


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14 thoughts on “Finding Holy In Long Summer Days – by Tara Polkhotte – TOYS Linkup

  1. Love this, Tara. The free spirit in your words calls us to worship in the simplicity of summer’s devotion. And Kim!! Didn’t know you were doing this! So excited to hop on board here as soon as I post something that fits the theme. 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful. Holy does come in paper bowls sometimes doesn’t it? And the Pound Puppy sheets? I was a Pound Puppy fan once upon a time myself.
    Just an awesome journey to your Holy Ground today Tara. Your words inspire me. You are truly a gifted writer.

    • thanks Danelle for coming with me, and always being so inspiring yourself! the pound puppy sheets were circa 80’s-90’s when they were all the rage. it was fun to tuck them into my childhood a bit 🙂

  3. Oh! That picture of the house perched up high in the trees. It looks like a tree house. It looks like a place where magic could happen. Which, after reading this, it sounds like it did.

    Reading this was like one long, slow exhale. And how I would like to be so full of excitement for the day ahead that I sat wearing my snorkel, just waiting for the cue to dive in. Beautiful.

    And, I’ve been writing about dwelling in God’s presence in the Alps. Holy Ground indeed. Think I’ll go link one of my posts here. Great series, Kim.

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