Necessary Enoughness

It’s afternoon and cool air still rumples the pages of a notebook, and takes a spin with hanging fern baskets. The wind chimes tinkle, birds chirp, lawn mowers hum and a breeze kisses my forehead as I listen to an airplane scrape across the sky.

I am amazed at how much more I enjoy these moments now that there are fewer of them. Not long ago, I was home all day and failed to capture the beauty of my own front porch. Now that I am working outside the home it seems that my quiet at-home moments are condensed like frozen orange juice before water is added. Strong and full of flavor.

And then a thought comes to me, it is difficult to fully enjoy what you have more than enough of.

Even in the world’s financial markets, the surplus of an item reduces its value.

How can I keep value and still have my “barns be filled with plenty”?

And what do I do about God? After all, He is the God of more than enough. How do I keep from devaluing Him? Taking Him for granted the same way I overlooked summer sweetness in my own home?

Perhaps I value my full barns when I share their contents with others…my more than enough food, more than enough clothes, more than enough grace.

The “Amazing Grace” wind chimes are at it again, swaying and swinging while all the while singing. And I remember Ann’s words, “All is grace.” My more than enough is grace, and His grace is more than sufficient enough. The thought occurs to me that the answer is once again, “blowin’ in the wind“, and I am touched by His enough-ness, filled to overflowing and determined to value every moment of it.

30 thoughts on “Necessary Enoughness

  1. I think you’re right that it’s difficult to truly appreciate what you have an abundance of. I’m guilty of it for sure, but I’ve never thought of it as it relates to my relationship with God. Much food for thought here. Thank you, my friend.

  2. I’ve learned that one blessing of having very little is that there is less \”stuff\” between me and God. Obviously, you know this too 🙂 And yes…All\’s GRACE. And did you find the answer to the online/publishing question at WTP?

    • Craig, if I remember right, your question was “Does it ruin your chances to publish by paper what you’ve published on line?” Yes, it does…It is very unusual circumstances indeed that a publisher is interested in material found online…

  3. Sometimes we grab tight because we don’t think there will be enough…so we store away…hold close…but God has a storehouse full…just waiting to give…press down…filling our laps…and out of His abundance we can share with others. I like the word enoughness…yes and amen

    • That is so true. There have been times in our lives financially when I am truly afraid to share even a surplus….Once I had a years worth of shampoo, (because of couponing) and I was still afraid to let some go…but when there is barely or not enough it seems easier to let out of the hand.

  4. With much prayer, one year I gave up going to Church all during Lent. (Not prayer) 40 days and 40 nights with no church at the most important time of the church calendar. It seems like a strange sacrifice, but by Easter, I was so hungry for church. Sometimes we rush by or through beautiful moments because we take them for granted.

  5. I understand — devaluing what I have too much of. I pray — “help me, Lord, to not take for granted all the blessings and realize their worth only when they are gone…”

    And God — meant to share with all the world… “help me pour, Lord.”

  6. Wow- this line is one I’ll ponder all day… it is difficult to fully enjoy what you have more than enough of. So true. And so sad. Perhaps if we gave out of that surplus it would double the joy! Thank you for the powerful reminder. Coming here from Laura’s.

  7. I love that concentrated orange juice analogy. Its with all of life isn’t it? We don’t truly value what lays before us every day, like the artwork hanging on the refrigerator for days, we barely notice how beautiful is after a few weeks. Glad you are taking in the moments, stealing some time with Him in that beautiful breeze. This is lovely Kim, I felt like I was sitting there with you.

  8. Your front porch looks like a lovely deep breath after a full day. I was just thinking along these lines the other day–that law of supply and demand. I’m glad for your pause here because it gave me one too.

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