When Sacred Is A Walk Down The Hall – TOYS Guest Post by Shelly Miller

Shelly is one of my dearest friends. She is on the top of my list of bloggers I long to meet in person. She is gracious and kind, and her words drip with wisdom. The lessons that she finds in the common are uncommon, and the beauty she finds in the ordinary is extraordinary. If you aren’t a regular reader of her amazing blog Redemption’s Beauty, you should be. I savor her posts like Cadbury’s chocolate! So, sit back and relax and read her stuff, I think you’ll begin to understand why I love her so much!

A few weeks ago, I touched the hallowed walls of destiny in England. Leaned my head back to gaze upon the intricacy of church ceilings built one thousand years ago by the hands of those budded from my ancestral tree. I wiped my palms across the back of sturdy wooden pews, combining my DNA with those of centuries past.

Meandering around headstones, I read of a life’s imprint to the world once etched deep and now fading. And with every step around mossy pediments, I unlace my soul, allow room for history to reveal more of who I am.
While I don’t have the luxury of daily strolls of awe under vaulted ceilings of incense ribbons and angels waving, I experience the sacred of place right in the abbey of my own home.

When I began this intentional writing journey less than one year ago, I created my own room reserved for reverence. Not with clustered columns and arched windows but a quiet space to welcome His voice tucked away from stacks of mail and sinks of sudsy dishes.

On special occasions, this space is my guest bedroom, a place where friends and family spread out for coastal visits. During ordinary time, it’s my sanctuary. A space consecrated to God, a spiritual place.

My pew is a writing chair from Pier One, my altar, a re-painted childhood desk. The window that casts the first ray of sunshine’s welcome isn’t made of stained glass but it does reveal a secret garden outside my cathedral walls.
This is the place where I meet with my Savior, my friend, my Father, in the early morning hours of silence. The space where He guides thoughts that spill onto keyboard, into arrangements of words that tell His story.

In England, I marveled upon portraiture that resembles the profile of my children, admired the spoons from which ancient fingers curled in the breaking of bread. Today I look upon the words of friends and colleagues hanging memory board, eat from the Bread of Life in stacks of inspired writing, admire His creation cut in a vase beholding beauty.
Because surrounding ourselves with what tells the story of who we are today, sheds light on God’s providence in the future.

Susannah Wesley, the mother of nineteen children, pulled an apron over her head in the kitchen for moments of sacred space. Jesus slipped away to the side of a mountain in a secluded spot; in a rowboat to the middle of the sea when life pressed hard. (Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16)

And when my heart hangs dripping from the clothesline of life, I look out my abbey window, watch the birds eating riches from the feeder, and remember who much He loves me, who I am. And I am thankful.
Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? ~Matthew 6:26

Do you have a sacred space where you meet with Jesus?

Won’t you join me on Fridays for a new series and linkup called, “Take Off Your Shoes, You’re On Holy Ground!” or TOYS? Each week a post will be shared about the significance of a place and you will be able to share as well!! Just 1) Write a post about how a place has ministered to you. 2) Add your post to the linkup. 3) Add the button to your post. 4)Visit and encourage your neighbors!


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30 thoughts on “When Sacred Is A Walk Down The Hall – TOYS Guest Post by Shelly Miller

  1. Beautifully written and so wise. “Because surrounding ourselves with what tells the story of who we are today, sheds light on God’s providence in the future.” – that is so deep!

  2. So beautiful and wise. “Because surrounding ourselves with what tells the story of who we are today, sheds light on God’s providence in the future.” – so deep – I’ll have to ponder that for a while – thank you.

  3. Oh friend. This made my heart swell and my throat tighten. I love this peek into your sanctuary, into your soul. And I love that you remind me again of Susannah and her apron–she who shows us that any spot can be sacred, even hidden in a wing of cotton.

    • Sometimes life doesn’t afford the luxury of wandering through cathedrals and so glad He doesn’t require it as a prerequisite to meeting with him either. So glad you had a peek into my world Sandy, your welcome any time.

  4. Shelly…yes…His sanctuary is everywhere…we carry it in our hearts…from the beauty of the beach to the special quiet rooms in our house. I have known the apron days in my life…now that the my kids are adults…just one teen at home…i have a little corner in my room…a chair next to the window…when I returned from the beach and the next morning sat in the chair…that is when I knew…His sanctuary is in our hearts…but I sure do like the loveliness of nature.
    You wrote this so beautifully…a true wordsmith…building powerful stories. xoxo to you~

    • Ro, I met him in the roar of the waves today, on my back porch among the birds and now sitting at my desk with shoes off. He is a gracious God to meet me in the sacred of the every day. Thanks for visiting and I can see you sitting in that chair now. Love that visual.

  5. Yes, in the sanctuary of my heart, I met Him too, this morning. I only have the dining table to myself beside a window with a firewall to block my view but as I face the sink window, I can see the outline of the mountains in the distance and the chirps of the birds on the trees next to it.

    I had a special meeting with him this morning because it was like He gave me a glimpse into the magnitude of space that can’t begin to contain Him. I didn’t know He was holding me, I would have been swallowed at its hugeness. He was showing me something and I am in the process of learning from it.

    Thanks for this post and I agree with R. Elliot, you are a wordsmith……

    Blessings. I have trod softly on Holy Ground. Thanks for showing it to me.

    • I took out the closet doors in this room and my desk fits perfectly now. I think my husband thought I was crazy at first but it works well. I know you will enjoy your space too. Loved your post at Imperfect Prose this week.

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  7. Hey there…I linked up…and tried to put the button on my post…but it didn’t work. It may be just me…I am not so computer savvy.

  8. Shelly, I love seeing where you pen your beautiful words — where you seek His face and find Him all around. Just yesterday my husband and I put together tables, pressed back to back, to create a place for the two of us to write. Before, it had been the kitchen counter (which I also love). But, yes, as we prayed over the desks last night, thanking the Father for His gifts, I am so grateful for the sacred place to share, in words, what He has. Bless you!

    • I saw your pictures on Facebook and in your post and thought how fun it is to share our spaces with each other virtually. We cannot be together in real life but we can “see” where we write our heart. Love that you are doing that beside your husband, consecrating the space together.

    • Deidra, I took the doors off the closet, covered up the hanging bar with an old toile curtian and hung curtains to pull when it gets cluttered. My desk fits perfectly in the nook and yes, it is where I sat when we skyped, thank you. You do need a space!

  9. What a lovely piece. I need to write about the space in college, the little Jewish girl hiding in the dark, cool chapel to study. And KD, I love the idea of your Friday TOYS. What a great way to build and encourage community! 😉

  10. sigh. this was so beautiful. my sacred place is currently our guest room too, which joey is sleeping in, and it’s often inhabited by four little boys jumping on the bed while i try to write 🙂 but one day, maybe, i’ll have a quiet sanctuary of my own 🙂 love this. kd, thanks so much for hosting shelly.

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