Jesus Came To My Door

It was the day before I left for the 4 day, 5 night Write To Publish writer’s conference. I hadn’t finished my fiction manuscript, and I wondered if by some miracle I could swing it. I wanted more than anything to become an influential voice for Christ through my writing. Experience had told me that my manuscript must be finished for a publisher to consider it. But, there was laundry to be done. The house needed attention…and I wanted to walk the dog because I knew that the kids would just let him out back while I was gone.

I completed the twenty minute chore of watering the plants, hoping beyond all reason that someone would remember to do that in my absence. Finally, I snapped the leash on the dog. He waddled down the street happy someone was paying attention to him. The neighbor boy who had been placed with foster parents and was only here on a visit stopped me. Oh, dear, I really don’t have time, I thought. I gave him a quick hug. “Hello Xandan!” I said, “It’s so good to see you! But I’m really in a hurry, can you come by another time?”

“I hope so,” he hesitated, then waved.

I hurried on. The mentally challenged woman ran up to me all child-like and said, “Can I pet your dog?”

“O, Ethyl, I really don’t have time today, I’m sorry.” The dog and I rushed on.

I wonder why it seems like everybody and everything wants my attention today, I wondered.

I continued down the block when Gina, the depressed alcoholic stopped me, “What are you doing for the weekend?” she asked, sober for a change.

“Oh, actually I have a really busy weekend, in fact, I really need to run. I’m sorry.”

Rrrrr…why does everyone NEED me today? I asked God. Don’t they know that I have things to do? I have an ENTIRE book to finish for goodness sake!

A breeze blew into my ear, and His voice whispered clear.
“They don’t need you, they need Me in you.”

And oh, how I wanted to run back to Xandan and ask him how his school year had been. I wanted to sit with Ethyl and let her pet the dog to her heart’s content, even if it meant her asking the same question fifty times. I wanted to ask Gina what she was doing for the weekend, and let her share her sorrows, but they were all gone. Suddenly the book seemed silly and vain, because, “Jesus came to my door…and I left Him out on the street.” Keith Green

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22 thoughts on “Jesus Came To My Door

  1. Thank you for this honest post…oh how we do hurry and get our focus so narrow… thanks for challenging me to stop and evaluate the way I move through a day…blessings to you~

  2. Oh wow… How moving. Real. True. I still struggle with this concept of hurrying per my own plans and not leaving room for God to move. Thank you for the reminder. Blessings to you!

    • me too. The funny thing is that I was in a hurry to do something so that I could influence someone, and yet I was missing opportunities to influence left and right.

  3. Ma!Jesus has a way of communitcn wth his people, someone has to be carefull! n attentive before he/she may understand.What iam saying is,the boy that came to you n oder two,were sent to u by Jesus’for them to benefit or learn sometn 4rm you,so give time to anybody that comes to you,bcos you may not knw why that persn cmes to u at a partcular moment.Continue to serve God.

  4. Beautiful! And so true, sometimes we think we must get on with His business and we overlook those He has purposefully placed in our path. Jesus was the Master of never overlooking anyone, like the woman with the issue of blood even though He was on His way to heal another.
    God bless,

    • I like this…the ones He has purposefully placed in our path. Who are we to ignore them? I think Jesus had a pretty full schedule, yet He was with God in the moment…

  5. Those times are so hard. We know what we need to to, should do, but there always seems to be some pressing issue. Good word. I’ve never regretted, am usually blessed by taking the time to be there for someone, but it can be a real battle of what matters most.

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