Getting Away With God: TOYS Linkup and Guest Post by Paula Wiseman

Paula Wiseman is wildly successful. Not because she has a growing blog. Not because she’s written several novels. Not because she’s been published like a millions times. No, Paula is successful because she’s figured out who she is and how God wants to use the unique qualities that He has given her to glorify Him. You MUST check out Paula’s website and browse around. She has been so successful in so many different genres that she will inspire you no matter what track you are on. Best of all, Paul is aware that she is His Bride, and she tells us about a time that He whisked her away on a special getaway.

In 2008, I was at a critical spot in my faith. God and I were wrestling through some major issues. (I suppose, in truth, I was the only one wrestling. He was patiently waiting for me to get it.) I felt like the father in Mark 9:24 who cries out to Jesus in desperation over his demon-possessed son, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” I knew there are gaps in my faith, but I wanted a deep, intimate, intense relationship with God. My husband, Jon, suggested a beach vacation. So I went away with God.

I went alone. No computer, and absolutely nothing I ‘needed’ to work on. Just me, some books I’d been wanting to read, my Bible and my notebook. (And my cell phone- I can’t be totally gadget free).

Sun, sand and ocean- my favorites. I was ready for a Damascus Road experience with God. In fact, I walked out to the beach when I arrived and said, “God, what do You want to tell me?”

It wasn’t quite as dramatic as I envisioned, but no less true. He said two things. (Now when I say ‘God said’, I don’t mean I heard Him with my ears. What I got was a distinct, fresh thought in my mind.) God said, “You are worthy because I chose you.” I’ve got a lot of emotional baggage and struggle with self-worth issues. God knows this about me and He wanted me to understand my worthiness rests with Him, and not me. Because of that, nothing I do or don’t do can change my worth. He imputes that worth to me just as sure as He gives righteousness and salvation.

The second thing came as I watched a mother hold her little boy’s hands, helping him jump over the incoming waves. God said, “I will not stop the waves, but I will never let go of your hand.” He knows that any time I read His word, especially in Psalms, that the descriptions of waves or floods always mean some of this emotional turmoil I battle on occasion. Apparently, the battle will never end this side of heaven, but He will never abandon me, never leave me to fight for myself, never let me be swept under.

I bought a bracelet in a souvenir shop as a reminder. It lasted a few months. So I bought another. It broke too. I’m on my fourth bracelet. The promises, however, remain unbroken. I am worthy because He chose me. He will never let go of my hand.


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