An Element of Praise

I am earth,
grounded and broken
ready for tilling
waiting with expectation
for growth.

I am water,
sometimes wild
other times calm
bursting with life
deep down,
if you really want to see.

I am wind,
free as a breeze
place of origin unknown
place of destination uninhibited.
Always moving.

I am fire,
burning hot for You
flames extinguishing remnant of me,
leaping, and licking earth
with wild tongues of Your glory.

Which of the elements are you?

Giving thanks with Ann:

#285 – An excellent temporary refrigerator
#286 – A husband who solves problems
#287 – Letters promising an inheritance
#288 – The greatest love letter promising an even better inheritance
#289 – Living near the most beautiful city in the world
#290 – Meeting a friend at “The Bean”
#291 – Getting TONS of writing done for the conference
#292 – A gift from my generous benefactor
#293 – My dog feels better!! 🙂

On In Around button

…sharing a playdate with Laura:

18 thoughts on “An Element of Praise

  1. earth, wind, fire, water…can we add ‘sky’ and ‘sun’. God is all those things. And in all those things.
    what am I? now, I’m going to have to ponder that, Kim.

    loved this poem.

  2. i want to be a fire.. a wildfire that spreads for Jesus! 🙂 loved your writing.. glad to read your thankful list to.. that ministered to me just being thankful with you! praying for you

  3. “if you really want to see” – oh, I love that line. I want to have that spirit – to really want to see the hearts and story of those God puts in my path – and how especially rich when there are people who really want to see what’s deep down in me!

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