New Community: Take Off Your Shoes, You’re On Holy Ground

Lord, I know that you are in the sacred,

and that the sacred is everywhere you are.

But there are places…

places I feel as though I must remove my shoes for Your Presence.

Places where I can not stand for Your Power.

It happens in the most ordinary of spaces:

Daddy’s house in the late afternoon

where light and shadow meet,

historical markers where destiny was decided,

the apartment where my son was born,

the stable where Yours was.

And wherever I go, there You are

making the place holy.

It’s enough to make me run barefoot;

barefoot and pregnant, that is.

Barefoot for the holiness that is You

and pregnant with gratitude.

God Himself is called Place, for He encompasses all things, but is not encompassed by anything.
~Philo of Alexandria

Won’t you join me on Fridays for a new series and linkup called, “Take Off Your Shoes, You’re On Holy Ground!”? Each week a post will be shared about the significance of a place and you will be able to share as well!! Just 1) Write a post about how a place has ministered to you. 2) Add your post to the linkup. 3) Add the button to your post. 4)Visit and encourage your neighbors!




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