Gradually Graduating

So…we’ve graduated…my daughter and I.  She has graduated from high school, and I have graduated from home schooling.  She is off to college, and I am off to writing conferences and to a wonderful adventure in my new job with Love, INC.  Never did I see this for my future.  I often thought I might go to school, perhaps tutor or sit around sipping tea in long gypsy skirts and writing poetry.  But God….He had other plans.

As a wife and mother our lives are laid on the altar every day, taking care of the needs of others before our own.  Our dreams and desires often take a back seat to those of our husband and children.  It makes me think of a scripture that I’ve often quoted around here,

John 12:24:  I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

I kept reminding myself that I was producing fruit through my efforts in the lives of my children and multiplying and advancing the kingdom of God in possibly the greatest way possible: in making disciples.  There were days when I found myself dreaming about what I would do when I had more time in the future.  But there were also days when I lamented the end of an era.  I never, NEVER expected the plans God had for me.  Although, it shouldn’t have come as such a huge surprise, because now that hindsight is 20/20 I can see the proverbial handwriting on the wall.

Someone that I dearly love gave me a prophesy over thirteen years ago:

You are called to the ministry, You will be full-time in the ministry…I have prepared you for this since you were born. The Salvation Army was boot camp. The seed your parents sowed in you will not return void. Continue to prepare yourself so you re ready when I call.


I hid this in my heart for so many years…and now I know that I can have the confidence that I was prepared by His loving hands for such a time as this.  When I get butterflies in my tummy about the future, I can remember this prophecy as well as other pieces of evidence that even through trials and tribulations He was all the while tenderly grooming me for what I am about to embark on.  

The very things that I hated enduring most, are the very things that strengthened me for the tasks at hand.  John Bevere was speaking at our church last night, and he reminded us that many times hardships are part of our endurance training for the plans that God has for us.  If I were to start weight lifting, I certainly would not be able to lift 150 pounds the first time I tried.  It would seriously injure me.  The same is true in our lives.  We forget that the triasl of a broken refrigerator or a broken relationship are the very trials that we are to take joy in, because they produce endurance and endurance produces strength and health!

It is in the everyday trials that we are preparing for the extraordinary plans that He has for us.

When we learn to trust Him in these we learn to trust Him with greater things.    When we are faithful over the little things, He will make us faithful over much.

Giving thanks with Ann today:

#276 – Amazing grace wind chimes accompanied by birds.

#277 – Flowers everywhere

#278 – Dune grass Yankee Candle

#279 – Finally my lilac tree

#280 – 2 peony buds

#281 – An abundance of vehicles

#282 – Perfect weather

#283 – That my refrigerator waited to break until AFTER the graduation party!

#284 – The laughter of good kids outside my bedroom window at 1:30 a.m.


16 thoughts on “Gradually Graduating

  1. Oh, hindsight. What a gift it is to look back and see God’s had your back all along.
    You warm my heart, friend. For I am just beginning on some of these journeys you are now looking back on. I’ll start homeschooling this fall — something I never thought I’d do (hold me).
    And yay for the fridge holding out as long as it could!
    All for Him,

  2. Yeah…congrats…job well done. I have graduated 4…one more to go…I was just talking with my husband about what would be next in my life…in 2 years I will have finished 27 yrs. of homeschooling…I can’t imagine where I go next…I love hearing how God opened a door you could not see coming…He is just like that. Blessings as you close one door and walk through another.

  3. Such a way with words, you are such a blessings. Congrats on planting seed into your charges, your children. We raise them to find their own path, job well done Kim .. Your mother & father sowed seeds in you that she is seeing to fruitation and now her daughter has passed that onto hers . Im confident that they will all do well and honor their parents. We also never stop learning from our parents no matter the age. I do many things today that I have to stop & smile and remember where that came from. Such a joy u always were and continue to be, Im excited for you and where this next phase of life takes you. Congrats to u and Esther . Love u my precious niece, Aunt Della

  4. Your words have ministered to me in this post, kd. I’m excited for your future and want to congratulate you and your daughter on your achievements–past and present. Thanks for this powerful reminder that God uses all that we are going through for our good.

  5. So much is changing or has already changed for you dearest… But you heart of servanthood and loving kindness is ever the same. I am excited for you and would love to hear first hand all of the fabulous things that are before you. Lunch? Does the working woman have time for an old friend?

  6. Congrats! That is super duper exciting… And yay for working on your 1000 gift list… It is one of my favorite things on the planet! (Right behind Jesus and chocolate avocado mousse.) Blessings to you!

  7. So beautiful. I am so excited for you on this new path! Can’t wait to follow along and see all the fruit 🙂 sending love and prayers your way as you step out in faith.

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