I felt like a little make-believe this morning, so I thought I’d repost this oldie but goodie

“He (Jesus) even told us that we had to be like little children ourselves if we wanted to understand God, and yet the world (and too often the church) taught then, and still teaches, that we have to outgrow our childhood love of story, of imagination, of creativity, of fun, and so we blunder into the grown-up world of literalism.” Madeleine L’Engle

But aren’t children the greatest literalists in the world? I wish I could ask Madeleine that. If you tell a child something, don’t they take you quite literally? One thing about what is literally true to a child, is that the line between reality and make-believe is very ambiguous.

I remember playing “farm” with my two best childhood friends. For some reason, I got it in my head that we might buy my great grandparent’s farm in Nebraska. I’d never even been there, but my mother had told…

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  1. I always disliked that oft-quoted line “I became a man, and put away childish things”. Maybe it’s the contrast of the word “childish” vs. “childlike”. If you lose your imagination and willing disbelief, life becomes a drab, grinding place.
    No worries here – reality and I are VERY distant strangers….. 😉

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