All For His Glory

This was written five years ago…I am full time now, and still loving my position at Love INC. 


My whole life I wanted to be in the full-time ministry.  I was raised in the Salvation Army as a child, so I wanted to be a Salvation Army officer and to show the poor, the afflicted and the hurting the love of Christ in a practical way, so that they might come to know Him.  In my teen years, my family and I were attending a Pentacostal church, and I dreamed of being the next Aimee Semple McPhereson, and laying my hands on the sick and seeing them recover.  As a young married woman I wondered if my ministry would be to wives and mothers.  Then I became heavily involved in small groups at church.  I led three of them and trained new workers.  Finally, I found myself serving with the children’s ministry, writing curriculum and developing young leaders.

What I failed to realize is that in each stage of life I was already in full time ministry, because my desire was to be a handmaiden of the Lord and minister to Him wherever His hand led me. I rang Christmas bells for the Salvation Army, and served the homeless dinner.  I played the piano on the worship team, and was the secretary at my church.  I sought do the will of God in my life as a wife and mother.. this was all ministry….and I was okay with that.  My lightening quick mind realized that this is what God has for every believer…to be so saturated with Him that we leak out all over.

But all of this changed a few months ago.  Remember when I wrote this post about being lost about my future?  And then this post about being on an elevator ? A few months ago I decided to apply for the Executive Director position with Love INC of Tinley Park.  Love INC is a non-profit organization that brings the local church together in order to meet the needs of a community.  I have no college or business experience, and I haven’t worked for 12 years.  I’m just a typical home school mom who finds her nest empty for the first time. I was certain that my future included leisurely walks, writing novels and sipping tea from antique tea cups.

The process was long and arduous.  I had two interviews, which was nerve wrecking in itself because I’ve never had an interview before in my life.  I was always hired on the spot, so to say.  It humbles me to announce that I have been honored with the position of  the Executive Director of Love INC of Tinley Park, Illinois.  I am ensured that the position is part-time at the moment, but I am still unsure where that leaves me for writing and for blogging.  I definitely won’t be around as often to read and comment.  Will you pray for me as I take on this new endeavor?  It is evident to me that the hand of God has been on my life to prepare me for this position. I know that He is faithful, and that He doesn’t give us a task without equipping us to do it.  But would you pray that I will put the writing part of my life willingly on the altar and be blessed with whatever I am left with?

I will remain  confident in this, I will see the goodness of the Lord!  All for His glory.

Beholding Glory

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23 thoughts on “All For His Glory

  1. Congratulations. You are in my subscriptions and when something comes across, I will read. No worries. Prayers to you that you will serve through His guidance and the wisdom you have gained over the years.

  2. Woo Hoo!!!!!! Congratulations! What an awesome opportunity the Lord has given you. I know you are excited AND scared. You know you’re in the right place when all you can do is depend on Him to do the work. I will be cheering you on and praying! I look forward to reading about your new adventures, when you can spare the time to blog about them. 🙂

  3. Congrats, K.D. on your new position! Praying that God will bless and use you in wonderful ways in your new position, and guide you with your writing.

  4. I can so relate to the wanting to be in “full-time ministry” only to realize {later} that you’ve been in it!

  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity to serve the Kingdom! I will miss your writing though and hope you don’t completely put it on hold:) blessings in your new journey!

  6. Fantastic news! I just saw this on Facebook, when Michelle DeRusha linked to this. So excited to hear about this.

  7. That’s wonderful, kd! I sure hope that you have time here and there to keep us updated on your new ministry adventure. I’ll pray for you that this new opportunity is a perfect fit and that your writing is still used for His glory in whatever way God sees fit. 🙂

  8. yes to the prayers! that is an amazing organization you’ll be working for, and i have no doubt you’ll do an amazing job. and God will be right there. blessing your efforts and, i’m trusting, giving you enough time to write. maybe not as much as you’d like. . . but enough. rest in Him.
    so excited for you, kim!

  9. God has really had His hands upon you all along. “…my desire was to be a handmaiden of the Lord and minister to Him wherever His hand led me. … what God has for every believer…to be so saturated with Him that we leak out all over.” What beautiful words to describe His way for each of us. May He continue to use you in this new ministry where He has placed you. You are in my prayers.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  10. Oh yes, I will pray for you. God plans are so perfect. He will take the love you have in your heart to be a blessing to so many as your lead others to be a blessing, too.

  11. God bless u on your new journey !! . Through him u will soar !! Im thinking your writing will be an intrical part of your new adventure. Blessings to u my sweet and talented niece, luv you !!

  12. Congrats! I’m excited for you and all this new adventure will hold. And love the way you reminded me that “full time ministry” is really just being His handmaiden.

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