This amazingly beautiful story was written by my mother shortly after my father passed away…as I have one of the busiest weeks EVER this week, so I thought I’d re-post. Please be praying for God’s leading in my family’s life as decisions about the future will be made this week….(ie. job positions, etc.)

The Old Woman and the Song
It was 3:30 in the morning but the old woman didn’t seem to care. She stumbled from her cozy bed and walked on bare concrete floors into the living room to see the full moon shining in through the western windows. It was a cloudless, star filled sky and the moon was round and framed between towering slender tree  trunks. She stood awestruck. “Madeleine says we are the creatures that know,and know that we know.” A tear ran down her wrinkled face.
The floors were cool and her bare feet felt…

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  1. Still tears me up unashamed to read such sad but inspiring words , Keep on dancing my dear Barbara . You are such a blessing to our family. . You and Paul were a great example for a fufilled & wonderful marriage that we all were all blessed to witness . He would be so proud of u as we all are. Keep on keeping on, God Bless u always.

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