On How One Word Can Change Your Life (A Rewrite)

Margus Saluste

There are been dark times in my life. More than once.

Sometimes I have been blinded and groping in darkness, or a dreary gray, due to circumstances far beyond my control,
but most times I’ve been inflicted by the enemy called self.

There have been times when I’ve lost a grip on grace.
And instead of holding my hands open for more, I’ve clenched tight to what little I have, grasping so tightly that I can not receive gift.

But much of that has changed.
And it’s changed because of one word: Expect.

You see, I’ve always expected. I have had misplaced EXPECTations.
When I’ve EXPECTed the wrong things from the wrong people.
Trying to make them God, and me not responsible for my own future.

And I’ve often EXPTECTed the worst.
Trained like Pavlov’s dogs in a world of disappointment.

But I thought that I’d try my hand at something different.
I thought I would allow myself to have an EXPECTation full of hope in God.
I mean, He always comes through any way, so why not trust Him beforehand, instead of being shocked…
or worse yet, not noticing His provision afterward?

So, I just have to brag on God!

Since I’ve endeavored to be more hopeful and EXPECTant, the following blessings have come to my family:

1. My husband found a job where he is celebrated, has a ton of favor and has a bright future to do the things he most loves doing! (#247)

2. My son, the one who disliked school the most, got straight A’s in college. (#248)

3. My daughter received her dream role as Elizabeth Bennett in the play Pride & Prejudice. (#249)

4. I was offered a part-time position with a home school co-op. (which I turned down) (#250) <—-I’m a quarter way there!

5. My husband got an amazing vehicle from work! (#251)

6. I’ve received two scholarships from two different writing conference’s. Praise the Lord, since there was no way I could attend either without them! (We still are catching up from my husband’s time off of work.)(#252)

7. I received a call for an interview for a job position that would allow me to use many of the stones in my shepherd’s bag. (#253)

8. I was offered yet another part-time job. (#254)

9. I have the opportunity to write for a book compilation. (#255)

10. My daughter received several scholarships for college! (#256)

11. I was called for a second interview for the job position mentioned in number seven. (#257)

12. I was asked to be the first mob victim for a wonderful new project! (#258)

13. I had the wonderful privilege of having Ann Voskamp respond to several comments over at the High Calling and {In}Courage. (#259)

…and I’m sure that there are many things I’ve forgotten. I have chosen to expect that He will lead us through this time of transition, and He has proven to do more than we could think, hope or imagine!

When you consider that I felt at the end of my hope, and wrote this on February 7th, you can see how good God is, and how quickly He can turn things around for those who put their hope and confident EXPECTation in Him!

But I am trusting you, O Lord,
saying, “You are my God!”
15 My future is in your hands.

Counting with dear Ann:

…sharing a playdate with Laura:

…hanging out with L.L.: On In Around button

39 thoughts on “On How One Word Can Change Your Life (A Rewrite)

  1. You and I are often in such synchrany. I’ve been a little frantic the last two weeks, with all that I feel I must accomplish. This morning I reminded myself to just BE. (My word for 2012)

  2. Kd…yes…oh how I know…expectations kill…living in expectancy opens the door to hope. so thankful you hubby has a good job. my son is getting ready to graduate in may as a PT. He sure is handy to have around:) .blessings~

  3. What a wonderful list of blessing, KD! Sometimes I think God just wants us to let go. When we finally are the emptiest, He rushes in to fill us up with Him. Guess I need to do that because I have one of my children on my heart and nothing seems to get any better for him, no matter how much I pray.

  4. I have tried to replace the word anticipation for the word expectation—especially in my thought life. I try (and the word is try!) to anticipate that the things coming are in God’s hand. He only gives good things to His children. I am learning to trust that truth. Love your counted blessings.

  5. That sounds like a LOT of great things happening. Your daughter sounds like mine — loves acting. She has a 33.33% chance of getting the stow-away role in her school play Pirates. And she’s 10!! 🙂 She should know tomorrow.

    Your grateful attitude is inspiring, thanks.

  6. I love this! What a great testimony that when I change my perspective to expect great things, God delivers. My favorite was your idea “I mean, He always comes through any way, so why not trust Him beforehand, instead of being shocked”. So very true! Thanks for the encouragement! Blessings to you!

    • He does always come through…and I don’t know why I continue to worry…This time I decided to skip the worry part and go straight to the excitement of hopeful expectation!

  7. KD,
    I love this:
    And I’ve often EXPTECTed the worst.
    Trained like Pavlov’s dogs in a world of disappointment

    I know this holding onto the expect ed instead of grace. Thank you for the reminder of the need for retraining.

  8. Beautiful! Our expectations really do make a difference, don’t they?

    I’m expecting God’s continued blessings in your life!

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