On The Error of Rain Songs

wet drip

“It’s like rain on your wedding day…”

when once upon a time, when man depended on the sweat of his own brow,

the working of the very ground from whence he came;

once upon a time, in an agricultural society, long before cars and trains;

rain used to be a sign of good fortune,

significant of wealth and abundance,

But no more.

No more do we recognize the tears of Heaven

for what they really are…

the protagonist of growth.

We strive against what feeds us, and we are stunted, dwarfed in our efforts.

Photo courtesy of miyukiutada
...and although "April showers bring May flowers..."

and rain intoxicates rock hard terra

kissing virgin earth

as she blushes Irish-green,

we pout and wish away steel grey clouds, from the moment they appear.

“Rain, rain go away…”

and we shrivel up and die.

Long visible rainbow in the sky through wooden fence

photo courtesy of Horia Varlan

“It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow.”

Yet we want sunshine everyday, and we want our rainbow with a pot of gold too.

Heaven’s forehead furrows, eyebrows wrinkled and furies a storm

we cower afraid of churning sky,

afraid of what damage the storm may leave

what change it’s winds may bring.

Shaking our heads, “NO!” resisting help from Heaven,

but it insists against our kicks and screams, prying

mouth open with rubber-coated spoon of steamed peas.

Then sunshine shatters now-blacker clouds

a column-beam of tangible light

breaking beyond billows, teary fears,

until prisms sparkle promise

an arc of hope to remind us

that He is at the end of our storm

and He is better than gold.

My teaching, let it fall like a gentle rain,
my words arrive like morning dew,
Like a sprinkling rain on new grass,
like spring showers on the garden. Deut 32

Counting the blessings as numerous as the raindrops…

210.  Having my phone break down…Yay! quiet time!

211.   Silky bushes waving tendrils


212.  Trip to the Passion of the Christ in St. John, Indiana on an absolutely gorgeous day! 


213.  a peaceful Preparation Day.

214.  Imaginative home owners….

215.  Spongy lime green moss, making travel springy….

216.  Date with husband to Hunger Games.

217.  Phone fixed!

…sharing a playdate with Laura:

…hanging out with L.L.: On In Around button

and a new face, Rebecca…Moms Against Manic Mondays

47 thoughts on “On The Error of Rain Songs

  1. Funny, we both wrote about rain today. The drought has taught me SO much about rain and nourishment and what it is like to be without. I’ve learned to be grateful for whatever He gives us, no matter the inconvenience or the amount, for it is a gift from Him. To no one else would I ever say, “ugh. I do not like this.” Why would I say that to my God?

  2. nice…this is based on last weeks ‘once upon a time ‘ prompt isnt it…and so true on the rain and sun both needed for rainbows…it is not truth to think we will always just have the sun…and the rain is not always bad….sometimes it refreshes and brings relief but often we think of it only as the storms….

    • No, it’s not based upon last week’s….I just can’t read directions apparently!!!! If you need to take it off I totally don’t mind. I don’t like it when people (in this case me) don’t follow the correct prompt.

  3. Right prompt or not, you can`t deny the wonderful writing! Loved the imagery and the words…think this was meant to be! 😉

  4. This is absolutely lovely.
    The imagery of kissing the virgin earth as she blushes irish green — so vivid!!
    Your words painted a picture in my heart.
    Thank you!!

  5. Wow. I love this.

    Unless it’s a day in, I really hate the rain… only for the fact that it’s so dangerous to drive in while out. But I do appreciate the rainy day when my inner connection needs one… I can almost sense the storm when my mind is cloudy.

    • That is so true! I can’t tell you the amount of times in which I just knew I needed a rainy day “in”. Here’s to rest and peaceful rainy days allowing your mind and spirit to grow!

  6. What is it about those droplets that are so fascinating to look at? Thanks for your comment today — glad to know that preparation day language is helpful. It really struck me the first time I read those words in John. I tried to comment when you posted on that a while back, but WordPress and I weren’t getting along well that day, and I think it chewed me up and swallowed.

    Rest well this Sabbath, friend. 😉

  7. I enjoy how you incorporate religious themes in your poetry. This poem about the significance of rain and how it’s become emptied of its larger meaning is very effective. I’m glad you can place rain and water’s importance into the divine perspective.

  8. I thought about your post a lot this weekend as it rained here in Southern California – not so common! We are so far removed from our physical need for God, we come to think that we are God. Such a beautiful truth here. Blessings to you today

  9. And when men worked by the ‘sweat of the brow’ they also were completely dependent upon the provision of rain and all the elements of weather – completely dependent upon a God who provided that. Something we seem to have lost when we lost that agrarian society, eh? Now man seems to be completely dependent upon his own skill and abilities. And, with that rainbow you spoke of? Beautiful post. Thanks for the encouragement today….counting along with you…….

  10. Kimberly – your poetic words were like spring flowers – I hearted them. I most heart this,

    “an arc of hope to remind us

    that He is at the end of our storm

    and He is better than gold.”

    thank you for the reminder that our Lord never promised silver linings in clouds he promised rainbows out of storms. And since you’ve also included the thank you list – I’ll tell you my favorite was the first – and last – both of them blessings – the phone broken – the phone fixed. God bless you KD.

  11. kd,

    I’m so glad I found you! What a lovely, playful post. Stunning photos, beautiful words…

    I’m new to blogging and love exploring what other women have done. I just posted about Ann Voscamp -at least her affect on our family at the present time. I focus on endeavoring to find a life of simplicity, joy and freedom. We homeschool and since it is such an integral part of our lives, I’m trying to focus on how to incorporate that part of our lives into our great quest for a more Christ centered life.

    I’ll follow what you’ve got going here. It feels very peaceful.

    Laura in Montana

    • Welcome to blogging! I know that you are going to grow in faith and friends on your new journey. Feel free to link up with us on Wednesdays/Thursdays for Painting Prose!

  12. Wow! I admittedly got caught up in the very first line, with song tune running through my head. haha! I had to recover my stillness to genuinely read, so I started over…

    Beautiful, this was just wonderful! I rarely experience deep chills that catch my breath while reading online. Thank you!

    AND thank you so much for joining the Moms Against Manic Monday Link Up over at FromMyMountainView.com !! This sharing of encouragement is exactly what promoted its start. ❤

  13. kd,

    Good heavens, I posted a nice comment and I think it was deleted. Shows you what a computer novice I am. But I’m learning.

    Wanted to say your blog is right up my alley. Beautiful pictures, lovely words. I’d love to learn to create something as special as you have done here.

    I’m new to blogging. It’s all very new, but I’m loving the community of women I am finding. My blog focus is on my journey to find a life of simplicity, joy and freedom in all areas of my life. I homeschool which is the intended core of my blog as my husband and I endeavor to find a peace-filled, Christ-centered existence. I’m trying to find my “voice” for this blog and for opening up in areas that I believe would help other women.

    Thanks for letting me take a peek. I’ll be back.


  14. You are very gifted with weaving words, kd.
    Glory to God for His gifts to men!

    Indeed, we do fight that which is our very nourishment.
    Maybe you are familiar with these words to another song?
    “Surrender don’t come natural to me; I’d rather fight You for something I don’t really want than to take what You give that I need . . . ” (Rich Mullins)

    Grace, like rain, still poured on the righteous and the unrighteous.
    And I am both.

    Excellent post.

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