Happy Lacy Day! – Favorite Made-up Holiday – Friday Favorites

photo by tomhe

A few weeks ago, I guest posted over at Renee’s about one of my favorite high school teachers, Mr. Reichert. I could not let today pass without mentioning him again. He instituted a holiday that will forever live in my family tradition: Lacy Day. Lacy Day is usually about the first week in May but this year is a little early due to the unusually warm weather the Midwest has experienced this year. What is Lacy Day, you ask? Lacy Day is the glorious day on which the leaves of the trees are barely unfolding, appearing as lace against the bright blue sky. I wish I could have taken a picture capturing this beautiful phenomenon, but alas, my phone isn’t working today…so in honor of you Mr. Reichert, I’ll just write a thought or two:

On Lacy Day

Leaves peak from corners of death
peering cautiously, tenderly

and I wonder do I dare reveal myself
this way to You?

Shoots spear through black soil
breaking darkness by sparkling sun

and I wonder do I allow Your light
to expose my black heart?

And I laugh.
What could I possibly reveal to You that You don’t already know?
What could Your light expose that You don’t already see?

And the lacy canopy of budding leaves covers my heart
as Your banner over me is Love.

Spring Green

I did a little research trying to find out whatever happened to Mr. Reichert, and to no avail. Except that I did find this: a comment on another blog. I thought it significant that someone else should remember such a quirky life lesson from this wonderful educator!

Do you have a holiday that you’ve made up?  Or how about a teacher that affected your life?  I’d love to hear about it!

11 thoughts on “Happy Lacy Day! – Favorite Made-up Holiday – Friday Favorites

  1. “Leaves peak from corners of death
    peering cautiously, tenderly

    and I wonder do I dare reveal myself
    this way to You?”

    – – this is just too beautiful. Wonderful. Really. Happy Lacy’s Day to you!

    (also, not sure if you got my note on my post? I wasn’t sure of your e-mail regarding the Love146? I’d love to… tpohlkotte@att.net to discuss 🙂 )

  2. Darn, Tara picked the same section that really spoke to me…What a gift to have such a wonderful teacher…Happy Lacy Day and Happy weekend to you 🙂

  3. Love it.
    funny you spoke of your have teacher… I was just thinking of mine recently…Mr Measley in 2nd grade….he went on to only teach the gifted kids…but for 2nd grade it was awesome.

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